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Thread: A fun game to play on your phone.

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    A fun game to play on your phone.

    There's this app game I recently got hooked on called Slingshot Braves. It's real fun and is like a cross between a turned based rpg and a slingshot physics game.
    If ya do decide to pick it up.. I would like for ya to put in my invite code when you make your character name. its available to iOS and andriod

    Invite code -> BAKA347

    They've got an event going on now where you can get thousands of gold very easily and that helps upgrade equipment a ton.

    Here's some screenshots

    Please use my code if ya join! Thanks in advance!

    Will fix any errors to the post when I get home, on my phone atm.
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    Sounds cool may try!
    Don't get get !

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