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Thread: Nerf Poseidon

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    don't feed him he posted a 'nerf freya' thread so I'm 90% sure now he's trolling after glancing at the forums again, makes me regret replying on the freya thread

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    hes not op lol. here how posieden works. you build basics, his 1 is not very effective, build basics, then gem poops on everyone. He needs the 3 because its 1 of the only always good abilities. its not ''op'' its just very annoying. If you play con, which is the main gamemode, hes not op because not many mid lane mages have jumps, leaps, or dashes in the first place, such as ah puch, Vulcan, Anubis, and isis. Nox is the only onei can think of from the top of my head. I know there is more

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