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Thread: Getting Healers on Assault rerolls from non-healer teams

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    Exclamation Getting Healers on Assault rerolls from non-healer teams

    I thought it was a fluke at first but I've seen this several times now.

    Correct if I'm wrong, but wasn't it stated that non-healer gods could not re-roll into one of the 4 healers (Ra, Hel, Chang'e, and Aphro) in Assault, as per the healer balance rules? Because the opposite of this is currently happening. I've seen two seperate occasions where neither team had a healer, and then they re-roll, getting one. The first time Thanatos rerolling into Ra and the second was a Hades, who also became a Ra.

    If the rules for this have intentionally been changed, please let us know. This is frustrating to deal with.
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    Bump this post! Valid bug worth looking into by HiRez. Also HiRez should put some thought into what they want to happen if the team's healer decides to reroll: presumably they should be able to reroll into any god, including the healers, but if it doesn't roll into another healer, shouldn't that open the possibility for one of the other teammates who WASN'T a healer to roll into a healer? Or should it be 100%, so both teams are guaranteed a healer (or neither)?
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