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Thread: Muting Player Bug

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    Muting Player Bug

    As I didn't see anything regarding this within the forums through a quick search.

    When muting a player, you can run into a bug where (when pressing space to make your character jump) can toggle the mute on the last person muted.

    I have default key settings. This is all while my god is alive and moving, sometimes I am holding the "W" key to keep moving forward while doing so. What I do is I hold "Tab" to see the scoreboard with all of the gods, click the mute button with my mouse next to the person I want to mute, and after I stop holding "Tab" (at least until my god dies next time) whenever I try and press space to jump, it toggles the mute on that person that I wanted to mute. It doesn't bring the scoreboard back up, but I do hear the sound that plays when you manually click the "mute" button next to a player.

    This can be quite annoying because I do enjoy making my god jump when I have downtime in between waves or I am walking back to lane or something, but I cannot jump after I muted a character in order to make sure I don't toggle their mute back off. (If I mute someone, it's for a GOOD reason...)

    I hope this helps in some way, and can especially help any debuggers in recreating the issue to get it solved.

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    Ah, I see what's happening here! I'm too lazy to dig it up, but I remember seeing a similar post somewhere else, except it was with the shop, not the scoreboard. With the other person, they would buy something, and after spamming jump several times, it would (attempt to) buy it several more times.

    Anyway, the root issue here is that in nearly all applications, [Spacebar] and/or [Enter] are synonymous with a mouse click. Because you clicked their mute button (or the item in the shop, in the other case), that mute button was the last widget to get "input focus", and retained that focus as you closed the scoreboard and went around doing other things. Then when you hit [Spacebar], in addition to jumping, it sent a "clicked" signal to the mute button (since it still had input focus) causing you to jump AND toggle mute.

    If you don't understand all that, a) it's primarily for whichever dudes at HiRez handle all the menu/GUI issues (I know a bit of the terminology/mechanics of how buttons and shit work), and b) next time your queue pops in Smite, (or someone declines a party invite, etc) giving you the Accept or Decline buttons, instead of clicking with your mouse, [Spacebar] or [Enter] (I forget which lol), you can see for yourself it clicks the button.

    PS nice profile pic lol

    Edit: found the post,
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