Vigilant Addiction is branching out from being a Gaming Community to becoming even more. We are Start our VA E-sports division and are looking for players who are interested in joining the VA family.

-We have had a long standing in the gaming community all the back to 1999 play many MMO genera based games. We are just starting this division so you may ask what can we offer you. Well with out getting into many details we will make sure that when the time comes we can provide for simple needs and quality of Life issues.

-We want dedicated players to invest in and would prefer if you are a streamer and have multi media profiles. This is not a mandatory thing it just helps with the branding of VA. We are not interested in your winnings when the time comes that you beat
SoloMid but we are looking for respectful players ones that will carry the Vigilant Addiction name with pride.

For more information please contact me at
Or i am in game as