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Thread: What do you think of a new physical item which contains attack speed and crit chance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RippleApple View Post
    I still think crit items should be one per build...
    I think crits should be max trip crit 60% or the crit % cap is 60%.
    Lifesteal does not scale with crit if you crit for 400 you still lifesteal for the non crit hit value.
    Rage is too good, nerf the passive or nerf the power.

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    Criticals and the itemization thereof have always been a bit of a...battlefield.

    The main alternative to crit builds was quinn's sais + attack speed, but that got nerfed instead of Osiris' melee progression (iirc). A high lifesteal + high attackspeed build works okay-ish against a team that doesn't involve 12 seconds of CC or has a crit-heavy assassin/hunter. aka: rarely ever.

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