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Thread: FPS drop due to patch?

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    FPS drop due to patch?

    Prior to the patch, my laptop could run smite effortlessly at a constant 60 FPS, even with max settings. I haven't noticed any graphical changes in this patch (the maps look the same, and I don't see any new textures), which is why I'm dumbfounded by my sudden decrease in FPS.

    My game is stuttering and the FPS looks horrendous, even on medium settings. Any suggestions? Why is this happening?
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    Same here with my laptp i guess time makes fps lower. Clean your laptop and it grant you some fps back.
    And patch?
    wasnt that tomorrow?
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    my comment can be useless, but check yr videocard updates, if there is newer version for yr videocard patch it, if u already had newer version, try reset to older and check if it solve the problem. and the msot common fps lose with laptops is overheat , or even virus, check your process tab

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