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Thread: Chang'e Solo Builds and strategies?

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    Chang'e Solo Builds and strategies?

    I understand her wave clear but I just want to know what I should build and what I should do past the laning phase/ end game strategies
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    Overcap attack speed and cdr trust me it will work.

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    I used to solo Chang'e a lot back in S1, so some of the advice may be a bit outdated but meh :P

    1. Double starter item (Vampire + Soul) seems to be quite nice for her to start things off, should help deal with her extremely poor early game (lvl 1-4ish)

    2. Depending on your lane match up you can either start with boots (if survival is priority against warriors with blue & red pot, etc), or start stacking warlock if you feel that you are relatively safe.

    3. As for full build its really up to personal preference and the team comp, but yeah typically full CDR is recommended. Keep in mind that Chang'es a good anti-heal goddess so Divine Ruin is a good option when you are facing healer(s)


    1. Early game: Stay alive xD and farm farm farm :3
    2. Mid game: Chang'e has relatively decent mobility and at this point of the game you are not as easy to kill off, so can start rotate and harass other lanes when you can, just be sure not catch yourself out of position too deep into enemy territory
    3. Late game: Chang'es a powerhouse at this point, keep on dancing to peel, and utilize your ult for mass stun during teamfight.

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    Vampiric Shroud can really help her sustain. Pack 5 health and mana pots and go on the offensive while your blue buff's active.
    Your bunny should always be on the run, and always call your jungler for the blue buff if they're free so you can always stay on your lane.
    Building Warlock's Sash is a nice way to fortify Chang'e for the mid game so she isn't too squishy. Focus entirely on CDR, and magical penetration so you can hit through any mage defense..
    It's your choice if you want to go for Rod of Asclepius, as it simultaneously helps your heal and escape, but this is highly situational imo. Polynomicon has better mileage imo, and Divine Ruin can be used to boost her 3's healing debuff to 100% to prevent enemy healing.
    If you need physical protection, use BoV instead of Chronos' Pendant.
    Oh, and wards are bae. Chang'e can't escape efficiently and is very squishy during the early game, so warding is a must with her.
    Put your 2 on instacast and try to guess if the enemy solo laner will use their CC. A good Chang'e never needs beads or Aegis because of it.

    Chang'e was my first god ever, and I've come a long way in learning how to play her. Hope it helps. ^_^)b
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