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Thread: Let's Talk About Conquest Premade & Why It's Important to the Quality of Gaming

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baylze View Post
    pick gods that blend together to perfection - most premade teams will have some kind of advantage over a group of 5 people who just 'pick their favourite god', as cruel as it sounds.
    Doesn't sound cruel, just points in another way: if five random people pick their favorite gods, they are doing wrong (team-wise). Teams in league make their compositions competitive by talking to each other on the god selection screen, so should teams in casual. If they don't it's not a matter of premade or not premade, but strategical awareness and cooperation.

    Premades synergise better? Not necessarily, seen great teams come up out of random people working together on leagues, using VGS well, and writing what needed to be written. Not even using curse even though they could.

    So, there really are no reasons why premades are better than random people other than they know eachother and their styles of play. All the rest can be done by random people as well. And if people know their role and what they're supposed to be doing at each time, even knowing each other loses part of its importance.
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    Doesnt have a problem with "premades" most of them are just pugs on vent. Nothing more.
    At least when you face a full 5 man premade they dont F6 at 10 mins.

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