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Thread: Jiutian Xuannü, Goddess of War [Warrior, Chinese pantheon]

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    Nice concept, well explained AND detailed. Bonus for she'd be a warrior.

    Oh and you reminded me that I'd like more interactions ( voice lines ) between Smite's characters.

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    I've recently reworked even more lore into her kit. The friendly fire and blind mechanics (see general description below), added somewhere in November last year, is fitted into it as mechanic.

    • Blind – Enemies can not see their own teammates and vice versa (basically forced into stealth for their own teammates), while the enemy’s screen is also visually impaired (bit dark and blurry).
    • Friendly fire – Those enemies forced into stealth receive and deal friendly fire damage (as they can't see each other).

    And this concept's characteristic combined skills (see general description below), added in June last year, is also fitted into it there.

    • Combined abilities – Using an ability while channeling another ability to trigger a mechanically distinct combined ability instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vradomor View Post
    Your post predates her arrival to Smite, and since she is the first Chinese Warrior, I was curious about what you think about her in terms of design and play style compared to your own God, and if you think she sort of nullifies the need for Jiutian, or if they could coexist as viable Gods.

    I'm new to Smite, so I don't know all the ins and outs, but I greatly appreciate your God designs!
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    I love how no one brings up the biggest problem. The Chinese Pantheon already has a "God" dedicated to War. Guan Yu.

    Yes I'm aware he is the Saint of War, but since he has been in since the beginning, adding in another God of the same thing in the same pantheon doesn't make much sense.

    While the God Idea is good, the simple fact is, she would have to be added in as a Goddess of something other than War
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