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Thread: NEED FPS improvement tips

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    Did you make sure your laptop is running Smite with the Geforce GPU and not the integrated Intel one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DraconianDeus View Post
    It won't help even if it was 2 or 4gb GPU. Built-in cards have low perfomance by default, they are created to support flash apps and UI graphics; they can also handle old games, but not much more.
    Imo, there is no solution on this config to have 45-60 fps in a game like Smite. I have similar laptop on my hands, it can run Hearthstone and maybe Diablo 3 on lowest with 1366Ă—768 and it will still be 30-35 fps tops, and Diablo is a very optimized game. But Smite? I don't think so.
    Yeh I don't know, but something tells me that the Nvidia Geforce GT 525 is the Notebook version of a Desktop GPU, you know, a Graphics Card.

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