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Thread: Who wanna see more liiiimited skin? (Skin for most skin achievement)

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    Who wanna see more liiiimited skin? (Skin for most skin achievement)

    So who wants more LIIIMITED (this is such a hateful word ) skins?

    Ok if a bit more serious... I read in r/smite something about limited/exclusive skin for owning some number of skins. Since I kinda have a lot of them, so for no particular reason Iwould like to suggest such idea here. Give us a way to show off a bit!

    So what do you think? Do you wanna more usefull achievments and this specifically? And if so, what god and maybe how you would skin?
    I'm not a bit fan of Kumbha, but it would be awesome if after each his "reborn" when he is killed and come back because of his passive, he would switch skin to something new. Don't even need to create the new sub-skins for this one, maybe he could be switching any existing skin of his the owner has.

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    As long as these limited skins are earned with in game effort I am fine.

    Or unless they are part of special deals or T5 skins.

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    I want more evolving skins so I would say yes, even though I dont want them to be limited.

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