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Thread: You like metal? You like being brütal? Motörheads is for you.

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    You like metal? You like being brütal? Motörheads is for you.

    This is a clan with a history. Until some 3 months ago, we were a close-knit group of friends who played together, joined by our love for a badass clan name. Unfortunately, I took a break and almost everyone decided to follow. I lost the ownership, but regained it after the new leader didn't log in for 3 weeks.

    So now we're back on the road, with 7 members. 4 of them with above average skills. Yes, it's small, that's why I'm recruiting. Despite our love for brutality and sick guitar riffs, we're a pretty casual club. You don't need to be super-duper pro to join, just do some brütal things from time to time and help your bandmates.

    Motörheads is also a clan with a mascot: Heavy Metal Thor, of course. This is my personal specialty.

    May the brütal blessings of Ormagöden be with you.

    PS: North America, preferably.
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