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Thread: Papa Rodins Words of Wisdom

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    Papa Rodins Words of Wisdom

    Hey, my name is PapaRodin, a german player who likes to think that he knows quite a bit about how this game works and enjoys sharing his thoughts, musings and insight.

    I will use this thread as an index page for threads I created that I think are somewhat valueable or worth to keep track of.

    I will keep this OP updated regulary from now on so that everything I keep in here will remain relevant.

    Gods of the Arena - Series
    A series I created talking about what gods perform well in Arena (or don't) and why, sorted by class.

    Gods of the Arena - Assassins
    Gods of the Arena - Guardians
    Gods of the Arena - Hunters
    Gods of the Arena - Mages
    Gods of the Arena - Warriors

    Here you will find the posts that cover strategy based posts of mine which may be helpful, interesting or incentive for your future games.

    How to carry in Conquest as a Solo Que Player
    Great 2-God-Combos
    Unpopular Smite Opinions
    Papa Rodin talking about how to turn Healers into warmongering Paladins

    Tools of War, talking about Items
    Posts under this topic will contain theories and applications about stats and Items and how they affect certain gods and/or the game.

    Papa Rodin talking about Polynomicon

    God related topics
    This section will cover my opinions on certain gods, ideas for changes to gods both for either bringing them in line in terms of balance and/or to make them more entertaining to play. Posts that say how certain gods affect the game will also be found here.

    Loki needs the "Odin Treatment"

    Let's fix this God!
    This section will cover me doing detailed explanations as for how and why certain gods should be buffed/nerfed to put them back into the game or down a few leagues to balance out the god pool a bit more and/or to make room for more diversion.

    Let's fix this God: Anubis!
    Let's fix this God: Bakasura!
    Let's fix this God: Nu Wa!
    Let's fix this God: Sol!
    Let's fix this God: Sylvanus (and by Sylvanus I mean Grover)!

    Game Mechanic - Suggestions
    Posts about my proposals for some core game mechanic changes can be found here.

    What if "Critical Damage would be an additional Source of Damage?
    What if you could ban Items in Ranked Games?

    Out of game - Suggestions
    As the title implies, I like to give ideas on how to improve the game just as much as the next man. Here I will gather the ideas I had that I found to be promising.

    MVP System
    1v1 Joust and Curse
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    Papa Rodins Words of Wisdom
    An Index Page for threads created by me for you.

    Last Update: Let's fix this God: Nu Wa!

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    Why don't you work at Hirez?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeroHyperion View Post
    Why don't you work at Hirez?
    They wouldn't bear him
    What to say? I do various things. Review all sort of threads, message, post sometimes.

    I'm always there watching you

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    Hi Rodin nice to meet you lul...
    *Disclaimer: I am a volunteer moderator. I work on best judgement and do not speak on behalf of Hi-Rez Studios.*

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    Hello mister person on interweb
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