BATTLE FOR VALHALLA Thursday, August 13th| 5v5 Conquest

How to Register:

Battle For Valhalla weekly tournaments are completely open registration. Which means all teams of any skillset are welcomed to participate. To successfully register for the tournament, each team will need to select a captain that will serve as the voice of the team. The team captain will be responsible for submitting the teams intent to compete as well as being the correspondent for reporting match results. Please put your team name and full roster in the comments here, using the format provided below.

Team Name:
Captain Name
Captain Razer Comms Name:


Teams are required to check-in during the window between 5-5:50 PM EST the day of the tournament. During this window of time, team captains will need to message Admins on Razer Comms Communities. Failure to check-in means your team may not be placed in the bracket.


Only the team captain or team representative needs to be present inside the check-in channel during the slotted time.

Once you download Razer Comms

Download: Razercomms (Community update)

Short Video On How To Register/Check-In

Date: Thursday, 8/13/2015


Registration Ends: @ 5:50PM EST

Check-in: @ 5PM-5:50PM EST

Tournament Start: @ 6PM EST

Stream Start: @7PM EST

Please note: We will be accepting signups on a first come, first serve basis. The first 32 teams will earn their spot in the tournament and will be checked in. As stated in the rules, only ONE representative for each team (preferably the team captain) is allowed in the RazerComms throughout the length of the tournament.


The games will be streamed & casted on

Prize Pool Breakdown:

1st place: 4000 gems per team + Player Icons

2nd place 2000 gems per team

3rd place 1000 gems per team

NOTE: Winners must email Jithins their 5 player roster no later than 48 hours after the end of the tournament failure to do so will result in forfeiting that weeks gems.


We will be using the SMITE "Challenger Cup" rules. You can read the extended rules, on the SMITECentral Tournament Rule sets page. With the exception that we will NOT be requiring teams to be in the same clan to participate, however, it is highly encourage.

For more info visit SMITECentral