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Thread: Recruiting SKILLED players for premades

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    Post Recruiting SKILLED players for premades

    Extinguish Life
    Mayan - Norse

    :Who we are:
    Tuupik Fjör is a new clan of active and skilled players.
    We wont sugar coat it. Our goal is to create a tight knit clan, that does much of their queuing together, as to avoid the toxic, unskilled, and disconnecting players, that waste your time and bring you down in the process. Players that can't admit when they've lost, and waste an extra 20 minutes of your time, on doomed matches. If you are friendly, skilled, and active, we want you.
    We are recruiting skilled members, to queue for mainly Conquest premades. We also encourage members to feel free to queue for ranked, and any other match types they feel. If you're looking for helping us grow, then read on.


    We have a few requirements, to ensure quality.

    • Skype
    • Working mic
    • Minimum rank of gold

    (If you're unranked, or bellow, let us know. we can queue with you to decide if you are what we are looking for.)


    Either apply in a comment, contact us ingame, or on skype. If you want to talk to us ingame, simply contact Xenzzul or NateD4great. If you want to message us on skype, add Akoro123, Ekoro, or Nated4great.

    If you apply in the comments, use this template. It makes it easier for you to fill out, and for us to get
    cognitive information.
    A (*) indicates a required field, you don't HAVE to fill out anything but them.

    • In game name*: (I.E. "Ekoro")
    • Rank*: (I.E. "Gold 2. Platinum 1. Unkranked etc...")
    • Preferred Conquest Role(s)*: (I.E. "Jungle/mid.")
    • What times are you able to play*: (I.E. "Most days after 3pm")
    • Skype name: (I.E. "Jimbo91")
    • Extra Notes:

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