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Thread: For Season 3 - Get Rid of Boots

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    The way movement speed works in Smite at the moment is you have one item that grants movement speed and little else and then you might have one other item that offers some movement speed. It’s like having only one item tree that offers a significant amount of power and then little bits of it sprinkled on one or two other items; a fairly silly concept. I would personally prioritize getting more items into the game over adjusting or removing existing ones, but it would be nice if movement speed was treated like every other stat in the game and you could get chunks from different items, without being tied to one tree for that stat. We had this to a degree in season one with Witchblade, for whom the movement speed has since been removed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Afilia View Post
    Movement speed is extremely important, boots or not. If you don't have a movement speed item and your opponent does, you will be at a huge disadvantage. That's why boots are so popular. It's an item tree that gives you movement speed with additional stats you can choose from. Removing boots would just be a big indirect buff to gods who already buy movement speed items, like Freya with Fatalis, and would be a big indirect nerf to gods who don't usually buy movement speed items, like Ravana.
    Removing boots would make other items absorb what boots would give. It wouldn't make Freya any faster than any other god compared to as she is now. Once again: We are not removing movement speed, you're just making it seem like we are. We are distributing movement speed to more items to prevent a compulsory boots buy with concentrated movement speed.

    Quote Originally Posted by TigrisCallidus View Post
    No thats the point of a debating club or debating forum...

    This section here is to bring in its own arguments and opinion and not annoy others by argueing for arguings sake...
    According to whom? The category is called: "Suggestions & Feedback". Thus, we can suggest and give feedback to potential or hypothetical changes to the game. The whole notion of a debating forum is purely a semantic one, which I will not pursue to justify myself with.
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    Boots are only non-optional in Conquest, because the map is giant and wastes time. Higher base MS for all would be AWESOME, but so would a smaller Conq map. If you can get across it faster, boots may be more optional than not at all.

    However, since all boots give the same MS, and if they didn't, the highest would be mandatory, they could all be reworked into Ichavial-style items that give their other advantages (a buffed version to be fiscally worthwhile, most likely) and then be optional if base MS were just 18% higher.
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