here's something to fix.

1) random deserter while u playing (i got a deserter while i was in the match...seems legit)

2)atm there's the possibility to press the X (near the timer) in the same time when u get pop up to join in the match (and this cause desert) this is wrong, cuz if u are going to quit the queue for any reason, u'll get a random deserter.

3) amount of tp lost/gained, now is totally random.

4) lose too many TP when u lost for someone that leaves (happens also in last match, our geb leaves and we lost 10tp
cuz was 4vs5) (i cannot lose 18 tp becouse someone leave at min 2..)(this problem can be fixed by an easy script with some IF and THEN)

5) DX9, now a lot of people is getting on Win10, and we have support for Dx12, maybe do an upgrade to give a better communication from cpu and gpu to improve FPS and game experience? (your game is not light right now, so this would make it only better)

6) Italian community asks many times for tralaslation in Italian, i know that this could be expensive, but if you need i'll put my self and some collaborator (that i already have) for traslate every string (Gratis, i don't want to be payed), i have also a team for dubbing if needed. (also if italians community atm like the english voice, but want a traslate for skill and similar, )

I ask this to hirez, to give me, or give us (the community) what they asked during the beta, the opportunity to make this game bigger and better, but now we feel like if you are cutting us out, while we want to be a part of the smite family. That's all.