Caelum, Roman God of Heaven

Ranged Magic Mage

Known to the Greeks as Uranus/Ouranos, Caelum was the primordial deity of the sky. Under the theonym Caelus Nocturnus he was associated specifically with the night sky, around which I’ve themed this build, focusing especially on Ptolemaic cosmology, astrology, and the zodiac. Mechanically Caelum focuses on various summoned creatures, resulting in an “easy” god which relies more on strategy than skill-shots. The basic concept is that he’d only engage directly through his basic attack, with his primary means of engagement directing an extra squad of minions, albeit diversified and specialized, to key locations around the battlefield.

1st Ability - Orion
The constellation Orion descends from the heavens to join Caelum in the fight. He follows Caelum around the battlefield, hunting enemies with a bow from afar and switching to melee attacks with his club when enemies come within range. At level one his attack strength and hit points are roughly equivalent to a large minion.

2nd Ability - Zodiac
One of five animals from the Zodiac appear, seeking the battlefield for enemies independently of Caelum. In addition to basic damage, starting at level 2 each has a special damage attack against the first enemy god it hits.
Level 1: Cancer, a crab that deals basic damage to all enemies
Level 2: Scorpio, a scorpion that poisons the first god it hits
Level 3: Aries, a ram that briefly stuns the first god it hits
Level 4: Taurus, a gouging bull that causes the first god it hits to bleed
Level 5: Leo, a lion that does significantly increased damage to the first god it hits

3rd Ability - Ursa Major
The Great Bear is summoned to guard a specific location. It cannot move from that spot, but it possesses a deep pool of hit points and its growl will taunt enemy minions to attack it. It can defend itself with a melee-ranged claw slash. Like Orion and the Zodiac, it remains active until its health is depleted or Caelum is killed. Higher levels result in more hit points and greater attack strength

Ultimate - Conjunction
All of Caelum’ attacks are immediately reset, and the next time he performs each an enhanced version of that attack is cast at reduced mana cost. Orion is joined by his hound Sirius, Ursa Major is flanked by Ursa Minor, and the Zodiac beast is accompanied by the animal from the previous level as well. Higher levels reduce mana cost and cooldown time.

Passive - The Heavenly Spheres
Caelum gains a variety of buffs based upon the number of gods at various radii from him. For each god, whether ally or enemy, within the respective sphere, he receives the following buffs, stacking up to five times.
12-15 meters: +10% mana regeneration per second
9-12 meters: +10 health per second
6-9 meters: +10% movement and attack speed
3-6 meters: +10% damage to basic attacks
0-3 meters: +10% damage reduction from enemies’ basic attacks

I’m not married to any of the specific numerical values given above. They’re all just placeholders for whatever would work to balance the character best.

Visually, I’d love to see Caelum and his summons depicted as black voids, windows into the cosmos given shape and form, similar to Marvel Comics character Eternity.