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Thread: Constant Lag spikes: we need an answer.

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    Exclamation Constant Lag spikes: we need an answer.

    Hello my name is Alex, I've been playing smite since beta and I didn't have any lagspikes untill 2-3 months ago.

    Now I've looked on the forums, i've seen thread with "fixes". I tried all of them, I opened the ports needed for smite, I rebooted my router countless of times, I have tried every server.
    Now I am sure it is not my internet since I have this on no other game. I have met atleast hundreds of people with the same problem, I have a ping of 45 +/- on europe servers, 110 on na servers. but every 2 minutes I get a lagspike that lasts about 3 seconds this has ruined so many games for me and my friends(they have this problem too) now already 3 friends of me quit smite cause of these lagspikes and my question is will you upgrade your servers or somehow fix this because it really upsets a lot of people.

    I love the devs and all the work they do but the servers really are horrible.
    please give us an answer.
    Hello i'm a big Loki and Tyr fan

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    Yea this is an issue that I have too. I only noticed it after the loki update patch. thats when everything went laggy for me. I normally play with 89-120 ping no problem but now I have games where I have 80 ping jumping up to 150 and I am teleporting all over the place every 5 seconds. I don't understand the cause but it is really preventing me from enjoying the game and playing with my clan. I have not experienced a change in internet speed and I have ran speedtests to the servers in Atalanta with decent results. it's the same problem with or with out curse as well. Smite will be the only thing running and I have decent internet, But I still have issues. I think that this is on HI-Rez but I can't be sure.
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    Same here in about half of my games i encounter this isseu.
    i tend to got a faily low ping 30-50 highest ive seen so far was close to 100 in europe's servers but i teleport over the map like crazy just like i find myself in the middle of the enemy team or under the tower.
    It really ruins the motivation to play if i cant ever be sure where im at or when im going to appear.
    I played in the american server once i had a constant 100-250 ping and this was ofc a bit laggy but it was allot more smooth than my experience on europe's servers.

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    Try having lag spikes go up to 900 - 1000 ping. Everything is like a PowerPoint slide.

    Also Necro needs a lock.
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