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Thread: Nemesis Invis Bug

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    Nemesis Invis Bug


    This is my first Post in the Bug forums

    Today we experienced a major bug while playing Siege. We had a Nuwa on our Team and the enemies had a Nemesis.
    While we pushed the Phoenix, the only remaining surviving hero of the enemy team was said Nemesis.

    She engaged us and killed our Nuwa. Then suddenly she began hitting on our Odin and Vulcan, but then became invisible.
    We think that this happened due to Nuwas Fog. She could still attack us while remaining invisible. I respawned with Neith and tried to channel my ult, but i also could not see her.
    She herself claimed that she didnt really know what happened either and after the fight she got herself killed by the Jungle Creeps.

    Match ID is 169521680.

    I told a friend of mine to go and spectate the match, sadly it wasnt recorded from the start, instead you can only see Nemesis for 4 Seconds before she got herself killed. There is a glow around her feets, dunno if its by default or if its due to her having the Fog Buff.

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    Looking into this one, I can't find any interaction with the fog, but the glow on her feet looks like a winged blade remnant. I'll try and figure it out, though.

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    I just had a game with this bug too. I can confirm it has nothing to do with the Nu Wa fog since there was no Nu Wa in our game. I thought it might be Khepri's ult but this post was from before Khepri even came out. Here is the match that this happened in. I don't see a winged blade on either team as well.

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