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Thread: Make Lobby Time Longer

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    Make Lobby Time Longer

    There are far too many kids arguing over roles and which Gods people choose. Too many times I have waited to see what the hell was left to be picked because no one can seem to make up their minds, only to run out of time and get a deserter debuff. I understand I could just pick something and not get the debuff, but thats not the point. It kind of defeats the whole purpose of picking Gods to win a match. I think the timer should be made a bit longer to give the kids time to get their arguing out of their system that way people like me who just fill in the gaps have time to choose once they are done. I mean, once you lock in it starts the timer anyways, so what would be the harm?

    Either that or make a matchmaking system like League had in beta recently. Pick your role and God ahead of time. And it matches you with a group based on your chosen role.

    Just a thought.

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    Longer lobby time wouldn't change a thing. They'd still wait till it says 2 seconds to select what they want.

    As for the LoL matchmaking system, it requires a lot larger playerbase before it would be viable for Smite. I prefer waiting 3mins for a 15-45min game than wait 30mins for the same game.

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