Tuesday, July 28th

Tournament Format - Knockout

all rounds will be single elimination aside from the finals which is best of three.
Game Mode -​​

Map - Joust
Team size - 2v2
Starting Gold - 1500
Starting Level - 3


Date - 7/28/15
Check-in - 6:00-6:50 PM EST
Start time - 7:00 PM EST
Casting starts - 7:00 PM EST

How To Sign-Up
Sign ups - Post a comment here with the following format.

Captain In Game Name
Razer Comms Name
Team name
Team Roster
Once you have signed up you should see your name below along with in the comment section.

Check-in via Razer Comms you will be provided a form to fill out to complete check in.

How to qualify? First come first serve 32 Team bracket, this means you must sign-up via the website and check in through Razercomms to be added to the bracket.


1st Place 800 gems, and a SmiteCentral Player icon

2nd Place 400 gems

3rd Place 200 gems


Only the team captain or team representative needs to be present inside the check-in channel during the allotted time. We use Razer Comms to do check-ins so be sure to have it downloaded or use this link

Note: If you have any issues finding the group please add jithins and he will then add you to the SMITECentral Community; or if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at

For More Information visit SMITECentral