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Thread: New SmiteGame Website! - Feedback

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    I don't know if anyone talked about this already but here I go. I think the new website is pretty cool, looks better and is more dynamic, but is missing some important information, at least in the god department. You can only see the lore, a brief explanation of what their abilities do and the base damage. It's completely missing other prior information when you're looking at a god's kit as such as ability scaling, cooldown and mana cost as well as the whole stats of the gods in matters of basic attacks damage and scaling, health, movement speed and all that kind of stuff. I like the new design but please, make the content more useful. The lack of data of the official Smite website is pretty huge and the fact I usually have to check unofficial webs to actually find what I'm looking for is worrying.
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    So I sent a support ticket about the gods page a few months ago, cause I didn't realise this thread existed, they said it'd be sent to the proper team, though I haven't seen any changes within the website itself. So I'll repost the issues I found here.

    1: The videos for Arachne's Web, Hel's Restoration, Chiron's Training Exercise, Raijin's Percussive Storm and Charged Tempo, Ravana's Mystic Rush, Susano's Storm Kata and Gathering Storm, Terra's Monolith, Thoth's Evade and Punish, Xing Tian's Hook Slam, Ah Muzen Cab's Hive, and Nu Wa's Clay Soldiers don't show the updated functionality of them.

    2. Bacchus, Freya, Arachne, Ne Zha, Vamana, and Poseidon's videos use their old models, despite using updated card art.

    3. Jing Wei, Thanatos and Nemesis' pages use their Chinese card art at the top. (Not really an issue, it's just a bit odd)

    4. Sometimes when you load up a god's page, their abilities won't have any art.

    5. Poseidon, Aphrodite, and Ymir's abilities use the old art.

    6. Zeus's Aegis Assault video shows his Aegis Shield, and also uses the Aegis Shield art. Which is an ability that doesn't exist in Smite anymore.

    7. A lot of the ability videos also simply don't show the full functionality of the ability. Such as Skadi's Permafrost giving a speed buff, Ah Puch's Fleeting Breath stunning enemies, Ah Muzen Cab's Bees! disarming enemies or even core mechanics of the god like Aphrodite's Soul Mate or Janus' Portals.

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