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Thread: Trickster's Illusion Patch Notes | 07/21

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    Trickster's Illusion Patch Notes | 07/21

    Trickster's Illusion Patch Notes / 21st July, 2015

    Loki Redo

    • Loki has undergone a major visual update.
    • Due to this major change, all players will be refunded for their purchases of the Golden, Legendary, Diamond, and Ssslither skins for their favor value. Players who own Loki's voicepack will also receive a refund for its gem price.

    New God Skins

    • Dr. Vanus Sylvanus
    • Mortal Coil Medusa
    • Golden/Legendary/Diamond Ah Puch
    • Eager Neith
    • Enemy Bacchus
    • Epsilon Bastet
    • London Conspiracy Poseidon

    New God Cards

    • Loki Standard
    • Loki Ssslither
    • NOTE : Golden/Legendary/Diamond Loki cards will be updated at a future time.

    New Voice Packs

    • Loki Standard
    • Loki Infiltrator
    • Dr. Vanus Sylvanus

    Season Ticket

    • In honor of our upcoming Summer LAN event (July 24-26) two additional items have been added to Season Ticket rewards!
      • Dr. Vanus Sylvanus
      • A 4th Season Ticket frame upgrade, with new base art.

    New Chests

    • New eSports chest for Eager, Enemy, Epsilon, and London Conspiracy


    • Loki
      • Updated HUD Elements and Ability Icons


    • New Music has been added to the End of Match Lobby.
    • Updated the Arena ending cinematic.
    • Final Season Ticket frame upgrade added.
    • Added Introductory videos for the free starting Gods.
    • Added API support for Overwolf
    • Fixed an issue with players not receiving retroactive rewards upon first login.
    • Addressed an issue where players would not see purchased items on their HUD, and in some
    • cases could not purchase final Tiers of items.
    • Fixed some bots able to use abilities and move simultaneously. (Ymir Bot Sad.)
    • Fixed Random Ward selection reverting to default on relog.
    • Fixed a camera issue when viewing a Phoenix while dead.


    • Added optional Spectate Password to Custom matches.
      • Adding a Spectator Password will block anyone without the password from spectating in real time, or viewing a replay of the game without the required password.
    • Fixed Spectator still showing Gold Fury and Fire Giant execute ranges at 25%.


    • Fixed an issue where players would become immune to damage values below 1.5


    • Hand of the Gods / Rage of the Gods
      • Fixed hitting all 3 of Bastet’s Cats.

    • Soul Stone
      • Fixed passive not working on pets (Spiders, Cats, Vulcan Cannons, etc)

    Gods - Bug Fixes

    • General
      • Updated grammar in tooltips for the following gods: He Bo, Hel, Hercules, Hun Batz, Isis, Janus, and Kali.
      • Increased voice volume for the following gods: Agni Infernal, Anubis Stargazer, Apollo Curse Voice, Athena Liberté, Chaac Standard, Cupid Lucky Baby Fuwa, Chronos Super Chronos 64, Fenrir Lord Slashington III, He Bo He Bro, Hou Yi Standard, and Sobek Standard.
      • Fixed persisting FX after cancelling recalls on the following: Poseidon, Rama, Sun Wukong, Thanatos, and Tyr.

    • Ao Kuang
      • King of the Eastern Seas
        • Fixed issue with Restricted Camera.

    • Awilix
      • Feather Step
        • Fixed ability resetting the Basilisk and Boar in Arena.
      • Moonlight Charge
        • Fixed ability sometimes not hitting targets at close range.

    • Chronos
      • Rewind
        • Fixed FX showing up enormous to players at a distance.

    • Hades
      • Pillar of Agony
        • New vortex FX

    • Hercules
      • Earthbreaker
        • Fixed an issue where Hercules could not pull targets over Medusa statues.

    • Hun Batz
      • General
        • Added additional voice lines for VGS.

    • Janus
      • General
        • Fixed issue with Furious animation.
      • Through Space and Time
        • Can now place portals on Phoenix pedestals.

    • Loki
      • Vanish
        • Fixed Loki playing his low health speech while stealthed.

    • Odin
      • General
        • Fixed body persisting after death.

    • Ravana
      • General
        • Fixed incorrect textures in the End Of Match Lobby.
        • Fixed body persisting after death.

    • Vulcan
      • Magna Bomb
        • Warm up is now team colored.
      • Inferno Cannon
        • Fixed being able to place Cannons inside collision.
      • Earthshaker
        • Warm up is now team colored.

    • Xbalanque
      • Passive - Dead of Night
        • Fixed visual issue with passive stacks showing incorrectly if disconnected.
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    I like it but I'm honestly wondering why they called this a full patch.
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    No new god? Disappointed. Loki looks flashy af tho!

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    Trickster's Illusion Patch Notes

    As always, these are preliminary thoughts that are subject to change over time.


    Dr. Vanus: A great looking skin, all the powers look great. This is definitely a skin I want to own. Not a fan of the Groot filter. The voice pack sounds good though. Earned through SPL, that's gonna be a pain in the butt to grind for.

    Mortal Coil Medusa: Bit a troll here giving her the Gold/Blue look in the portrait. Makes you wonder what her gold skin will be.

    Gold Skin Ah Puch: Very good colors and shines off him. They're doing a great job with the new gold/diamond skins.

    EGR Neith: Looks alright...
    NME Bacchus: Looks not bad...
    Epsilon Bastet: Looks okay...
    London Conspiracy Poseidon: Looks...alright?

    I just don't care for any of the team skins, the hell's with the sunglasses? I like a lot of these teams, but personally not much of a fan of these skins.

    ---Loki Remodel
    Shaco Loki! Oh it's a remodel

    He looks great, we have another beefed up god. So Loki and Anubis have beefed up, wonder when they'll beef up Apollo and Ah Puch.

    The animations on Loki looks great, the art team as always did a great job.

    I.....kinda like the voice pack. Gonna take some getting used to.

    The Portraits look great.

    Glad at least we get to keep the old model with Infiltrator, the voice pack sounds cool. I like it has some Tribes influence in the voice pack.

    Summary: No big balance until after the next major event. The art team as always does an amazing job. I just don't like any of the Team Skins, they just feel like afterthoughts.
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    i agree, this is something they couldve coupled with the balance patch.

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    Hey Smite fans! This small balance patch is scheduled to go live next Tuesday, but be sure to also tune in the following Wednesday July 15th for a preview of our next full content patch!
    yeah, "full content patch".

    Not a single balance change.

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    Can I get a refund for the Loki VP? I hate it.

    Also, the team skins look terrible. You should honestly change the entire gods clothes into the teams color. I'd love to support my boys, but the skins are just plain bad.
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    They really ruined the infiltrator skin, why would they make his voicepack for the skin so terrible.
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    waited all day long for this? a loki remodel? BIG PATCH COMING GUYS jus a remodel is not a big patch imo :/

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    Mortal Coil Medusa honestly just looks like a Gold skin recolor? Am I wrong. It's blue and gold with no additional features.

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