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Thread: Leagues Conquest-What in the troll is this?

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    Leagues Conquest-What in the troll is this?

    I recently played a smite leagues conquest. For the first time I checked my team mates stats. I never did this before.

    My team-
    Isis-Silver II
    Artemis-Bronze II
    Loki-Gold III
    Ymir(me)-Gold IV

    So I was like maybe these guys might not know how to play, but I still tried. In the beginning of the match Loki and Thanatos decided to invade and failed resulting in both their deaths. Then Thanatos died again and then Loki DC. So I just gave up at that point I know people are going to say never give up and stuff but when this stuff continuously happens you can't always try to win and anyways I'm relying on people with low ranks to carry... yeah not happening. So it was a 4v5 well more like a 3v5 because I just gave up. Not because of the DC solely even if I was doing good I knew my team mates weren't going to do good looking at their ranks. We ended up surrendering at 10. After that I checked the enemy's stats.

    Enemy team-
    Apollo-Gold III
    Hercules-Gold V
    Geb-Gold V
    Awilix-Silver I

    This isn't even fair. I didn't know how bad the matchmaking was until this. I was pretty angry about the DC but when I saw my team's ranked compared to the enemy's rank is was like wtf is this.

    I like smite and all but how does one get a DC and low ranked players on their team all in one match or is this normal.
    Not trying to make people look bad but here is the match details-

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    Smite Matchmaking is pretty garbage. I keep getting extremely unbalanced matches with bottom-of-the-barrel players on my team. I know this because I check Smite Guru after particularly bad matches. The Smite Guru score is a rough ELO, but still a decent way to tell skill. My score is ~2100, and I keep getting ~1500 players on my team who seem to have no idea how to play. Seriously, last night I had a game in Siege where a full health Jugg was destroying our tower, and the team decided to ignore that and try to kill the middle Jugg. They managed to, but not until the Jugg killed 2 towers and a Phoenix. Are people this stupid? I also know Matchmaking is terrible because I keep getting put into matches where Smite EXPECTS ME TO LOSE! I know this because I lose hardly any ELO, meaning the enemy team was expected to win. It seems I rarely win now, even though I usually gain 20+ ELO for winning and lose around 8 ELO if I lose. Still, it's very annoying to lose 2/3 of your games because of terrible players.

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    i dont think smiteguru score means anything i have seen peoples who arent 30lvl yet but they have score 2500+ it doesnt work like elo u gain small ammount of elo for each match if u dont count qualify matches while casual matches u get randomly score from +2 up to +50 u can also lose -2 and up to -50
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    It also depends on when u queue, at night for example, when there are not much players to chose from, mm is pretty garbage. Yesterday i got into a bigboy league match with lawbster and another 3k elo guy in my team, against sanjo and more masters guys, as diamond 5 with roughly 1,8k elo... i managed not to feed but i just sat in solo island and hoped for the best .. thats pretty much the same as your games.

    yea actually all i wanted to say is that the time when u queue matters

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    Welcome to Smite matchmaking where nothing makes sense and will always find a way to fuck you over.

    Whether it be a DC, or trolls who don't use Curse, or a braindead Wood League player who shouldn't play League, Smite matchmaking has a way of dealing with all aspiring ranked players.
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    It sucks when people leave, but I would have still tried anyway. I mean maybe it's my past playing DF, but I'm used to mad crazy things happening. Hell, I had a siege game yesterday where 2 people dc'd on my team, and it was just me, and ravana left, and I was the christmas tree. We still won. It was much more amusing than it sounds.
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