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Thread: Not Accepting a Match

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    Angry Not Accepting a Match

    So, me and a friend que together often, basically every game in fact because if you don't have backup have fun carrying. Occasionally, while we're playing one of us will d/c forcing us out of SMITE and out of the party. Then after we reconnect and finish our game we que for another match, only to realize too late that we're no longer in a party. We then wait for the que to run out because we would have to wait 20+ minutes(for a normal match) if we were to accept said que to play together again. This sets the person back a FULL 100% goodwill (for making someone wait an extra five seconds? wtf?) and two minutes of deserter debuff preventing queing.

    Something needs to change here.

    1:) You could FIX YOUR ****ING SERVERS.(Recommended Solution)

    2:) You could put us back in our party after we reconnect just like you do with matches. (Also Recommended Solution)

    3:) You could NOT give people a 2 minute deserter debuff and -100% goodwill for not accepting a match and making someone wait an extra five seconds. (I understand you've had trouble in this area though and understand why the system is in place and I'm sure the wait is far longer depending on the game mode. Still a Recommended Solution)

    4:) All of the above. (Best Option)

    Thank you for your assistance. :)
    Really though, fix your servers.
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