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Thread: Demeter- Goddes of Agriculture

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    Demeter- Goddes of Agriculture

    Goddess of agriculture

    Hello guys, I was a bit bored so I've thought about a new God.
    Demeter will be a mage and will act as a healer.
    Ranged, magical.
    High Area Damage, High Sustain, Pusher

    Passive- Fast Growth:
    Gods near Demeter will have increased health regeneration and healing
    +50% of their HP5
    +30% healing

    First ability - Wheat fields
    Demeter will grow a wheat field. Allies who stand in the field will regenerate HP5.
    Enemies who stand in the field will have their HP5 reduced.
    Fields can be destroyed by 2 basic attacks.
    Also, if Demeter will grow a field on an ally, he will recieve crowd control immunity for a small period of time.
    HP5 increase/reduce: 100/120/140/160/180 (+25% magical power)
    Crowd Control Immunity Duration: 0.3/0.5/0.8/1/1.4
    Cost: 70/80/90/90/90
    Cooldown: 16/15/14/13/12

    Second ability - Harvest Blessing
    Demeter will shoot a bolt of light and will be knocked back (like Vulcan).
    If it hits and ally, it will explode, healing the ally and damaging enemies near him.
    If it hits an enemy, it will explode, dealing bonus damage to the enemy and the surrounding enemies.
    (Note: the enemy will be damaged of the base damage + explosion damage. Those who near him will only be damaged by explosion damage)

    Damage of hitting an enemy: 50/75/120/150/190 (+30% magical power)
    Expolsion damage:
    50/75/120/130/150 (+25% magical power)
    Heal: 90/120/160/200 (+30% magical power)

    Cost: 80/80/90/90/100
    Cooldown: 12/11/10/9/8

    Third ability: Farmers Help
    Demeter will summon farmers who will attack the closest enemies. If the farmers walk on a wheat field (ability 1) they will die, making the wheat in the field grow and when an ally walks on a grown field, MP5 will be increased.
    The growth may happen only once in the same field.

    Farmers summon: 1/1/2/2/2
    (Note: the farmers will act like Nu Wa's minions. If a farmer walks over a grown field, nothing will happen. Farmers may be summoned on Wheat Fields directly)
    Duration: 7/8/9/10/11
    MP5 increase: 30/50/70/90/110 (+20% of magical power)
    Farmers damage: 30/35/40/45/50
    Cost: 60/70/80/90/100
    Cooldown: 12/13/14/15/16

    Ultimate: Poisonous Crops
    Demeter will grow exploding poisonous wheat which will damage and slow enemies in the area.
    (Radius will be like Ra's solar blessing, his skill which heals)
    Damage: 200/250/300/350/400 (+25% of magical power)
    Slow: 30%/35%/40%/45%/50%
    Slow duration: 2/3/4/5/6

    Cost: 120/130/150/170/190
    Cooldown: 90 seconds

    What do you think? Comment below!
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    No, no, no you get it all wrong! Hi-Rez will never release a god like that... Here, let me help you: she has to have at least 14 dashes/jumps and be able to 1 shot someone with ulti or her 2/3 combo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mesjach View Post
    No, no, no you get it all wrong! Hi-Rez will never release a god like that... Here, let me help you: she has to have at least 14 dashes/jumps and be able to 1 shot someone with ulti or her 2/3 combo.
    Lol, biggest smite stereotype so far
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    Honestly this would be a good idea if it weren't so clumpy and everywhere. What I'm getting from this is abilities the size of ah puch ulti.

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    The ult doesnt really make sense. Are they ticks?

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