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Thread: Canadian Hockey Kid Ne Zha

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    Canadian Hockey Kid Ne Zha

    *I wish I had posted this sooner because it would have been awesome for Canada Day (July 1st)

    Universal Ring Toss: Ne Zha can do a slap shot on a hockey puck that will bounce between enemies

    Flaming Spear: His hockey stick can freeze making it spiky and little snow flakes can fall off of it like the fire effect

    Armillary Sash: He can get a scarf and throw it out and just do sash things

    Wind Fire Wheels: Ne Zha will do a speed skating animation, like you would a break away, and when a god is hit, they will freeze and get launched up and get hit by the three attacks and when they come down and hit the ground the ice can shatter which would explain the damage when he hits the ground
    Universe Ring Toss
    -Slap Shot! (ZESPUD)
    -Heads Up!

    Flaming Spear
    -Time to put you on ice
    -Your on thin Ice
    -It's better left unanswered (Refer back to what ability looks like)

    Armillary Sash
    -Don't Wreck it
    -Grandma made it for me

    Wind Fire Wheels
    -Sorry, but your coming with me (Siranoid)
    -Here we go!
    -You said what about my mother?
    -One day I'll be in the NHL, but first...
    -Look at all these kids
    -After this, we can get some pancakes and Maple Syrup
    -Oh Canada, we stand on guard for thee...
    -(I wish)Oh Canada, Your ass is grass to me

    Low Health
    -What?! No penalty?!
    -Is it half time yet?

    -Now I can see them from all sides
    -Always have vision in the great outdoors

    -Not as good as a Poutine, but it will do
    -Gotta keep hydrated when playing

    -Which wing are we going to eh?
    -Forward it is

    -I'm not a very good defence-men
    -This will keep them from scoring

    -Going for the hat-trick
    -This is in the Bag
    -You are supposed to use a stick buddy

    Kill Jungle Boss
    -This will up my game
    -Ice Hog!
    -The penalty box for you!

    Destroy a Tower
    -That is going to be your team pretty soon
    -I don't think anyone saw that did they?
    -I don't think that's legal in hockey, but its a learning process


    -I am just a good as the big kids, if not better
    -I have the spirit of a true Canadian
    -Wanna see my hockey card collection?

    Directed Taunts
    -Ymir-An ice cube is better ice than yours
    -Ne Zha-Do I really look that... feminine?
    -Ullr-Skates are much better than skiis
    -Sylvanus-Your not a Maple Tree Sylvanus, wait, your not the tree? (or) What, no maple syrup?
    -SWK- I'm not your buddy, demon

    -You know what your situation is right, it's like a normal one, but dire
    -Canada's national sport is lacrosses but that's none of my business
    -I'm aboot to take you down eh
    -I'm not American!
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    I like the idea and it also fits perfectly

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