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Thread: Paragon Nemesis

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    Red face Paragon Nemesis

    Here's a quick, simple skin concept for Nemesis that could easily work as a Tier 2, maybe with a few revisions.
    Basically, all that has to be done is to dress Nemesis up as (one half of) the Order Titan.

    The Nemesis and the Titan(s) already share a few significant visual similarities, such as the blinded eyes, bare midriff, hood, armoured shoulders, winged armour, as well as the tassets around the waist. So it won't be too hard to translate to Nemesis. Easy, right?

    Just give Nemesis their armour, redesign her sword to match the blades of the Titans' spears, add a few of their floating golden wings, and you have yourself an awesome Nemesis skin! Sweet!

    Here's another, cooler, concept image of the Order Titan, courtesy of suburbbum on DeviantArt, to help you visualize.
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