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Thread: God Skin Concept : Film Noir Hel

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    God Skin Concept : Film Noir Hel

    Okay, so first of...this is my first skin concept please forgive me for stupid ideas!
    Now that that's out of the way, hello! This is my first skin concept, and Hel is the woman of the night. I was actually thinking angel and devil hel, but...Devil Hel is understandable but Angel Hel...naw man! Okay...presenting:
    Film Noir Hel

    First off: Dark Hel (Femme Fatale Hel)

    First Ability: Shoots black bullets? (need help)
    Second Ability: Plants incriminating black and white photo? (need help)
    Third Ability: Sends blast of black and white photos around her? (need help)

    Next: Light Hel (Rich woman Hel)

    First Ability: need help!
    Second Ability: musical notes-ish? (need help)
    Third Ability: Sings song that heals?

    Seriously, i need help with this...All help and suggestions are welcome. Thanks :>

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    Nice idea... really good application of the black&white theme to the stance switches.

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