First off, this is JasmarSzyga, the clan leader of BWONG, and I'd like to invite all you fancy ladies and gents to join our clan! We just got hit with the new clan cap, so we're at 120ish/600 spots. That's a lot of spots. Obviously, we're looking for a lot of people.

I'll just mention a few things about us, just to see if you're a good fit and/or want to still join up.
-We're currently the top 4th in NA, and top 6th clan in world, in terms of clan honor.
-We do have clan nights pretty regularly, these often consists of fun customs, like racing in arena or hide and seek in the conquest map, etc. Sometimes, we do in-house tournaments. We're looking at maybe including gem rewards for the 1st place winners as well.
-We are mainly a non-toxic community. We look for kind, helpful and friendly members, and we play a ton with each other. Curse Voice is not required, but it's recommended so you can get in on all the fun. You will make at least a few friends in this clan.
-We do have rules about derogatory language in clan chat. Using cuss words and stuff is allowed, but no hard, malicious bm'ing towards any clan member, or any player.
-We are looking at becoming competitive, as we have a great pool of skilled players, so it's a possibility to have a competing team representing us in the future.
-We encompass the entire globe, as we've got players from Europe, Australia, and even a few from Asia. No matter your region, you are welcome here.
-We have fun!

Basically, that's the main deal of the clan. Like I said, we've got a ridiculous amount of spots, so if you're even vaguely interested, it wouldn't hurt to try! Feel free to send in an application through the Clan/Social system, message any of our members that you see out in the game, or add and message me personally at my in game name, JasmarSzyga. Anyways, thanks for your time, I hope to see you guys around, and good luck in your matches!