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Thread: SRPG Player Character Sheets

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    SRPG Player Character Sheets

    This is for the player characters in the SRPG (Smite RPG)

    To View The Current Story : Chapter 1 - The Silent Gods (LIVE)
    To View The OOC Discussion : The Silent Gods OOC/Discussion Thread
    To View the SRPG Maps : SRPG Maps
    To View The NPC List : The SRPG NPC List
    To View The Bestiary and Monster Dictionary : The SRPG Bestiary and Monster Dictionary
    To View The Artifact List : The SRPG Artifact List


    Nickname: (If any)
    Age: (You must be between 21 and 30. Your body is forced into it's prime by the gods)
    Eye Color:
    Hair Color:
    Force: (Neutral, Evil, Good, Lawful, ETC)
    Faction: Wanderer only. Factions will come via story.
    Apostle: (The god you have chosen to mold your character from)
    History: (Your background, if any)
    Description: (You can describe or simply use an image)
    Favors : (What your character likes. Remember to use a few traits from your God)
    Hates : (What your character dislikes. Remember to use a few traits from your God)
    Personality: (Your Characters Personality. Remember to use a few traits from your God)
    Combat Skills: (Skills granted from prior experience or your god)
    Magic (You are allowed 8 Slots for magic. L1 = 1 slot, L2 = 2 slots, L3 = 4 Slots
    Level 1 Magic - A Weaker skill that was granted from your god, very basic. Can be used 10 times a day If used w/o Mental Fatigue Free
    Level 2 Magic - A powerful skill that causes mental fatigue more than level 1 magic. Can be used 3 times a day If used w/o Mental Fatigue Free.
    Level 3 Magic - An "Ultimate". Only allowed to use once a day If used w/o Mental Fatigue Free.
    Level 4 Magic - Not allowed without an artifact containing . If used w/o Mental Fatigue Free, will cause instant unconsciousness
    Status: ALIVE or DEAD
    Current Location:
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    Name: Thain Underhill
    Nickname: Dark Angel
    Gender: Male
    Age: 28
    Weight: 220 lbs.
    Height: 6'
    Eye Color: Gold
    Hair Color: Black
    Force: Neutral
    Faction: Wanderer
    Apostle: Thanatos
    Element: Darkness
    History: Born in a outskirt Homestead His parents always had him working in their lumber yard and he developed the longing for something better. However the way it happened wasn't the way he would want. It started one morning going out and upon arriving at the forest to cut down some trees a beast came bursting out and cut him along his chest and continued on towards the homestead in which it killed his parents. Upon leaving the destroyed home the beast came back to snack on what though was easy meal. However Thain had his wits and his ax upon the beast charging him he managed to use the trees to his advantage and jump over and onto the back of the beast and kill it. However upon this he collapsed. Later he was awoken by an man who was not healing him but seemed to be prepping him for his death upon this he grabbed the nearest thing which happened to be a scythe but his attack was stopped by the man himself using his very own weapon. Sensing the fight and authority of the defense the man thought he would be a great person to pass on the lead to.
    Description:Out of Armor- Short Shaggy hair, Scar across eye and unknown to most Scar across entire chest(Has a dark purple Black outfit)-Still possesses wings

    Favors :Death, Deceased, Weapons, Knowledge,Strength
    Hates : Beasts, Un-dying , Alcohol
    Personality: Relentless, Merciless, Childish, Ignorant,Vengeful
    Combat Skills: Improved Dodge, Exotic Weapons and Armor Proficiency's, learning Flight, Reach, Excellent melee, Break Defense
    Weapons: Scythe, Unholy Throwing Knifes.
    Unholy Veil Thain with quick summon can cast a directed magical shield that can stop minor magic and slow projectiles
    Whispers of Dead Thain Finds a dying creature to inform him of the surrounding area max of 15 miles in each direction.-Before banishing them to the underworld- 10 times a day
    Death's Touch Thain Shrouds his Weapon of choice in darkness negating effects of armor
    True Shadow Thain Creates a shroud of darkness spanning Several miles or a very concentrated Darkness in small area and becomes the embodiment of darkness and unholy allowing increased speed and power- once a day
    Status: ALIVE
    Current Location: Outskirts of Port Tern, Ostria

    Wings Note (for other players)
    There are side effects to Thain flying
    Either one you will find out personally
    1. My character will tell you
    2. Scuba (DM)

    God Name :Thanatos
    Pantheon :Greek
    Personality :Relentless, Merciless
    Favors : Death, Deceased,Strength
    Dislikes :Un-dying
    Additional Information : Thanatos is basically the Right hand of Hades so he does listen to Hades if commanded to. Also basically every other deity hates him but he holds pure neutral
    Element : Darkness
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    Name: Lancelot Egbert
    Nickname: Greyback
    Age: 22
    Weight: 320 lbs
    Height: 7'3"
    Eye Color: Dark Red
    Skin Color: Red, Grey
    Faction: Wanderer
    Apostle: Sobek
    Element: Water
    History: Lancelot was once a pirate of the Nile river until one day He ended up raiding something to strong for him and died do to the overwhelming force that was defending the loot. Upon falling in the river Sobek Reincarnated the Very strong warrior as is Apostle. One for his Water experience and his brute strength. He received his nickname from the Burn He received on the back of his scales
    Favors : Strength, Royal Authority, Water, Swimming, swamps, Warm Weather,Women, Money, Preying on weak
    Hates : Cold, Ice, Inexperienced sailors, Loudmouths
    Personality: Respectful, Hunter, Predatorial,, Serious, Cold(Combat), Comical when not immediately threatened, Protective, Caring
    Combat Skills: Exotic Weapon Training, Grappling, Armor Proficiency,Bullrush, Water does not affectExpert Hand to Hand combat, Superior Melee
    Weapons: teeth/Jaw, Battle Axe able 1 hand, Javelin, Grapple & hook
    Blessed Water Greyback uses any water to cure minor Poison's
    Water camouflage Greyback can blend into any water he swims in
    Mythical Armor Greyback casts upon himself or chosen target giving them a shimmering just off body scalelike armor that prevents minor Spells and helps with Physical Weapons
    Territorial Greyback lets out a deafening Bellow that Fears normal opponents and Creates a damp ground and summons two mythical Crocodile Allies
    Status: ALIVE
    Current Location: Bal 'Tarr Desert

    God Name :Sobek
    Pantheon :Egyptian
    Personality : Respectful, Hunter, Predatorial
    Favors : Strength, Royal Authority, Water, Swimming, swamps, Warm Weather
    Dislikes :Cold, Ice, Weaklings
    Additional Information : Protector of the Royal Family of Horus/Ra
    Element :Water, Earth
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    Alathir-Apostle of the Night

    Name: Alathir Tomte
    Nickname: Apostle of the Night, The Great Tactician
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Weight: 125 lb
    Height: 5'4"
    Eye Color: Crimson
    Hair Color: Black
    Force: Neutral
    Faction: Wanderer
    Apostle: Hecate
    Element: Darkness
    Long ago Alathir was born in war. He was born, however, in the wrong side of it. As the enemies won those that served in the battalion were being executed. In one day almost everybody of age in the country were killed and his father, a commander, was one of them. When they came to their house they assassinated his father and with him Alathir's brother. They had no mercy and anyone in the way would also fall victims. It was his mother who ran with Alathir in her arms and escaped the enemies' watch. He lived this way for 5 years until they were captured. While captured his mother was tortured every day until she could not even recognize her own son. He stood this for 3 long years until his mother died which gave Alathir the strength to try to escape. He created a union between all he deemed necessary and devised a plan. This plan was successful for the most part, except Alathir died in the process. There is something he doesn't know about the consequences which his actions had created, though. The escapees created an alliance that rebelled against the monarchy which, years later, became an anarchist movement with his name, Alathir. They created a new democracy and declared themselves as an independent country.

    It was Hecate herself, however, who would prove merciful to Alathir who gave him another opportunity for redemption with new strength,form and personality; He became the apostle of the goddess of twilight. In this new world he entered the army of Ostia and quickly raised his status with his unquestionably skilled strategies which brought him victory in all the battles he commanded. This stopped one day when a dark and powerful mage attacked the city which he deemed natal and destroyed everything in it. "Men mourned and died as everything they lived for was burned with those scarlet flames of sorrow. I could do nothing to stop their advance. I was helpless and so was everyone else. I will seek revenge and they will see my own flame and the flame of all that died burn." With this words he learned the darkest forms of magic and became known as the apostle which walks the path with the skulls' secret light, the apostle of the night. He mostly travels now looking for secrets and great libraries. He was thankful of Hecate for the opportunity but there is no time for she is now changed. That beautiful titaness which once lied in twilight now rules darkness. Searching for the answer to this change he investigated. It was, however, when he was close to an answer when he would be once again alone. The skies have gone silent and no one knows why. "I will come for her and then I will ask her directly for that which grieves her".

    Hecate is now his main priority.

    Description: By: Not me. From: Apparently the mage of DFO

    Favors : Humans, Hecate, mysteries, the moon, independence
    Hates : Betrayal, sadness, disappointment
    Personality: Although he likes solitude, he also enjoys comradeship. He is mostly laid back but won't be afraid to step in when a comrade needs his help. Alathir loves mysteries and, therefore, likes to read whenever he has some free time. He tends to look at things deeply in detail and will try to make sense of others' actions as well as his' unstoppably. This is mainly due to his curiosity and his ability to bond with others easily even from a distance.
    Combat Skills: Strategist, archery, magic, skilled hand to hand combat(He was a soldier)
    Weapons: Bow made out of Alathir's magic and his own magic. He also carries skulls which serve as light source in his travels.
    Magic (You are allowed 8 Slots for magic. L1 = 1 slot, L2 = 2 slots, L3 = 4 Slots
    Level 1 Magic -
    -Orb of Night-He activates chargeable orbs of darkness which can be manually controled(they can be used from the summonings also) which dissapear in touch, damaging the enemy and tiring them. It also kills plant life if it touches it and will not dissapear. (at night this skill also traps people for 1 second in complete darkness)
    -Apostle's Bow- Alathir creates a magical bow that shoots dark arrows. These arrows have a cylindrical aura around them (they are around five inches in diameter.) The aura damages and corrodes metal and skin, damaging it more and more as it stays in the wound.
    At night the arrows become transparent.
    Level 2 Magic -
    -Twilight's eyes- Passive: Alathir can see in any direction constantly.
    At night he can see through living things such as trees and people.
    Level 3 Magic -
    -Underworld Recall- Alathir can bring up to 3 souls from the underworld and take control of them. As the souls gets more powerful it becomes harder to summon exponentially. They become wards for Alathir as his eyes and for his magic.
    Level 4 Magic - Its not even allowed now so i will see later.
    Status: ALIVE
    Current Location: Port Tern Outskirts, Ostia


    "A lover of solitude, the Greek goddess Hecate was..."
    "This farsightedness, the ability to see in several directions at once (even the past, present, and future) featured largely..."
    "Hecate's farsightedness and attention to detail, combined with her extraordinary interest in that which most of us discount as irrelevant or arcane, gave her tremendous powers."
    "Although her name may mean "The Distant One", Hecate is always close at hand in times of need, helping us to release the old, familiar ways and find our way through new beginnings."

    "HEKATE (or Hecate) was the goddess of magic, witchcraft, the night, moon, ghosts and necromancy."
    "Hekate was usually depicted in Greek vase painting as a woman holding twin torches. "
    "Hekate was sometimes identified with Krataeis, the mother of the sea-monster Skylla."
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    Quote Originally Posted by DonaldX View Post
    Name: DonaldX, the Archer of Apollo
    (sorry but I'll forget my characters name if it's not my own)
    Nickname: *coming soon*
    Age: 23
    Height: 183cm
    Eye Color:
    Default - Black
    Enhanced - Golden-red
    Force: Neutral
    Patron god:*Apollo
    God of the Music and Sun,the god of healing and medicine,*the god of light.
    Oracular god.

    Back story: Spent the early years of his life learning hunting and practicing survival skills. Grew up into an adult to become a doctor and won prizes for inventing new medicine.
    Died during an unexpected encounter with a tiger in a forest.
    Not wanting to kill the beautiful animal he hesitated to attack but the beast did not.
    Chose Apollo due to their similarities.

    Current story: Being a follower of Apollo, Donald was granted glimpses of the future by the god.
    One night he got a vision of a huge beast with bright red eyes pulling on what seemed to be its restraints.
    But this vision was unlike the others, it was so blurry he couldn't make out what the beast was, it seemed like pieces were missing. And what was even more strange, Apollo stopped communicating after it.
    Filled with unanswered questions Donald set out on a quest to find out why the gods had gone silent and why the creature was his last vision.

    (Enhanced mode)

    Favors :*Adventure, nature, team work, music, fire ,wiseness, friendship, trust
    Hates :*Traitors, plague, rainy days, rushed decisions
    Personality:*Bright and cheery, a bit cocky and shameless. Always attracted to adventures and quests.
    Has an appreciation for beauty and nature. Tries to help people, not expecting anything in return.
    Very curious person.
    Combat Skills:*
    High survival skills
    High knowledge of herbs and medicine
    Very skilled with long range weapons
    Average with melee range
    Average hand to hand combat
    Very agile and swift
    Perfect bow aim, decent dagger/knife usage, weak in sword fighting.

    Apollo's gifts : Bow and Lyre
    Different herbs and potions.
    Two daggers

    High Bow skill
    Average dagger skill
    Still hasn't mastered the Lyre

    Blessing of Apollo- The character enters in an enhanced mode.
    His eyes change into a fiery golden color and his bow temporarily changes into Apollo's Legendary Bow with arrows made out of fire and light itself.
    While in this mode the user is granted superior eye sight capable of looking long distances, faster body movement and predicting enemy movement during close range fighting. The eyes are also capable of locating any best emitting creature.
    The mode can only be up for certain amounts of time, the longer it's used the harder it is to keep up but the eyes can be trained to sustain it for longer.
    Can be upgraded and expanded in the future with an increase in rank.

    Divine light- Donald harnesses the power of the Sun, bringing its light down in a small area that heals anyone inside it.
    Healing is limited to medium injuries, helping heavy injuries recover faster and removing fatigue.
    There you go.

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    Altair-Apostle of the Frozen Flame

    Name: Altair Tomte
    Nickname: Keeper of the Frozen Flame
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Weight: 125 lbs.
    Height: 5'4
    Eye Color: Crimson
    Hair Color: White
    Force: Neutral
    Faction: Wanderer
    Apostle: Kári
    Element: Ice
    Long ago Altair was born in war. Before even reaching four years of age his father and him died. In here Kári took him as an apostle and he reincarnated in Astra. When he was born in Astra bandits took him as a slave and in the hands of these criminals he stole and killed innocents every day. One day Kári, for pity, trained him in the magical arts in secret. Altair's specialty was ice magic. He found it beautiful in all of its forms. Although, he continued being used for criminal purposes for years, Altair maintained his strength- sustaining himself with the beauty in magic.

    The captors did not know what he was capable of, of the feats he could accomplish. Yet, it was one day in which he was practicing magic in the side of a river which they saw him. The men used this to their advantage and told Altair to use his magic for their bidding. He killed a man, just one, and he went crazy. Seeing the blood corrupting his beautiful ice his magic went out of control. It was madness as the hideout and a large area around froze with the people in it. A darker Permafrost which froze even fire. Freezing everything with the scarlet ice that he had awoken. Little by little it consumed him and he passed out. As Altair woke up he noticed that he was standing in the middle of a frozen hell. Everyone's expression signified grief and death. He ran without stopping- not to eat, not to drink, not to sleep. For two days he just ran until he was far from home. They are still there frozen until Altair is stronger than the doom which once consumed him. Until he is able to unfreeze the red ice which he had created.

    He started learning how to control his emotions and his magic better. Altair started hunting all the monsters he found- helping villages and cities. He fought creatures most people had never seen before and never will. This is what gave him fame across Astra with the unofficial title "Apostle of the Frozen Flame". It is a shame that the gods have gone silent and Altair is now, once again, in the pits of the flame. He hates fire as much as he hates fate and will find what happened with that magic sacred to him.
    “One day, ice will quench the fires of hell itself.”-(I take no credit from this awesome quote)
    By: Not me From: DFO, Glacial master

    Favors: Ice, winter, Kári, music, helping others.
    Hates: Sadness, fire, monsters, complete silence
    Personality: He likes to sing. You can generally know if you are close to him because he sings all the time when alone, walking, or just bored. Altair is, surprisingly from an ice mage, a really nice person, noted as he likes to help others and will sing to people when they are sad. He is very serious when fighting due to his past encounters with many monsters. This also gives him a lot of experience fighting dangerous creatures. Altair likes to have company but generally chooses reindeers or other animals that can stand cold to be with instead of humans.
    Combat Skills: monster fighting experience, magic, experience in hand to hand combat and knives. (Which he gained mainly thieving and killing in his early age)
    Weapons: ice, really cold knives, hands.
    Magic: Those frozen by Altair's magic are not killed (They become very fragile and will break extremely easy) but rather not be able to do magic and move. It is only Altair who can unfreeze the person or fire Magic, which does so slowly.
    Level 1 Magic:
    -Winter Stance(1)
    -Altair creates a current of cold winds around him. This gives him incredible speeds, makes him lighter and makes his surroundings incredibly cold-In that area snow falls.
    -Frozen Winds(2)
    - When using Winter Stance(1) Altair is able to use the winds to create fortified ice which he can control. The ice created must in the range of Winter Stance(1), unless Permafrost(4) or Wintry Shield(3) has been activated. With Wintry Shield(3) he can create ice in the barrier area. With Permafrost(4) he can create larger ice forms as long as it is in the permafrost area.They are harder and more difficult to control. The ice can be controlled outside of the territory but not created.
    Level 2 Magic:
    -Wintry Shield(3)
    - Altair creates a mist barrier in front of him freezing everything non-organic that passes through it. This makes the thing really weak and breaks into pieces when touched.(Effective against magic also)
    Level 3 Magic:
    - Altair throws a fast moving winter breeze which extends to 30 meters spherically from him freezing everything in its path. After this, snow falls in an area of 100 meters from him.
    Level 4 Magic: - Not allowed without an artifact containing . If used w/o Mental Fatigue Free, will cause instant unconsciousness
    Status: ALIVE
    Location: Port Tern, Ostia


    "Kari is the old Norse God of the North Wind."
    "He is a powerful spirit of wind and snow and frost, of blizzards and storms."
    "Kari is a singer..."

    "Kari is a very powerful spirit, not only of the wind, snow and frost, but also he shows his powers in storms and blizzards."
    "Kari is also a singer..."
    "As a singer, Kari teaches people how to use song as a powerful aid for many psychological problems, such as depressions, sadness etc."
    "You know of what i speak, without wind and atmosphere which retains the sound and spreads it, it was all a very annoying silence such as it happens in the universe, because there is no wind."
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    im right now in jupiter thats why i have such a bad reseption
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    Ammon Nasir - Desert Angel

    Name: Ammon Nasir
    Nickname: Desert Angel/ /Hand Of Vengeance
    Gender: male
    Age: 25
    Weight: 170 lbs
    Height: 5.9 feet
    Eye Color: Golden
    Hair Color: Silver
    Force: Good
    Faction: wanderer
    Apostle: HORUS
    Pantheon: Egyptian
    Element: Light/Fire.

    History: Ammon was born into royalty, being part of the Nasir family he might as well be the pharaoh. But he was kind, selfless, down to earth. He didn't put himself above the people that weren't lucky enough to be born in a wealthy family like he was. The night of his 20th birthday he threw the biggest party the desert had ever seen the whole town was invite to his palace,the people chanted his name and thanks the gods for bringing him into this world. But the festivities didn't last long when the ''Demons Of The Sand'' arrived, a criminal organization of thief, murderers, the worst criminal of that region belong to the demons. The loud noises of the music became screams of panic, the very sands that held so much happiness now were soaked in blood and ashes of the very people Ammon swore to protect . The palace burned to the ground along with every single person on that party. Given a second opportunity Ammon chose Horus God of the Skies, Sun, Kingship and War. After he woke up he swore the Demon of the Sands were not going to harm anyone again. Finding the Demons was easy destroying them was also easy, the hard part was realizing that after doing so he enjoyed the thrill of the fight as they try to helplessly to no avail. So to protect those in need of protecting he would have to become someone else, something else. From that moment on the innocent, the poor, the helpless he would care for but the wicked, the dark of heart, those that envelop and cherish sin,giving no thought to redemption, those he will smite mercilessly. As for in his eyes darkness has no place in this world.

    Favors : Friendship, good will, beauty, sex, the desert, Horus, war,
    Hates : injustice, murder, war.
    Personality: incredibly kind, curious, always wanting to learn more, loyal, promiscuous, however every trace of kindness in him dissapear when he is in a fight becoming a killing machine
    Combat Skills: Very agile, above human strength, hand to hand combat, he is very good with dual karambit (even tho he prefers not to use them ) very fast flyer.
    Weapons: His wings, dual kambit

    Magic lvl 1: Icarus Release - Ammon sets his wings a blaze and for the duration he's flying speed and reaction time are drastically increased. At any time he can end the ability by releasing an onslaught of searing feathers that will ignite upon contact, the feathers will continue burning until it consumes itself or it is put out. The duration of the buff is 20 seconds

    Magic lvl 1: Divine Embrace - from the sky a beam of light shines down in an location slowly healing physical injuries. The beam last 3.5 seconds. After the beams is out a percentage of the damage healed will be given back to Ammun relieving his mental fatigue. The lighr will cleanse darkness in the person Or the environment ( it doesn't stop a ray of destructive dark magic if that ray leaves a trace of darkness the light will cleanse that).

    Magic lvl 2: Eye Of Horus - a shield of fire that will absorb damage until it breaks and when it does it explodes in a beam of blinding light( the glow of the light will be bigger depending how strong was the attack against the shield. The shield last for 3 seconds and after that will explode regardless of taking any damage , the light from the shield will cleanse any darkness in the area. After the shield explode it will send and wave of flames along with the light leaving Ammon an aura of heat around him that will get hotter and increase in size with the use of his other skill. The initial radius of the aura is 3 fts from his wing spam outwards up to 9 fts.) The aura can only be use during the day.

    Magic lvl 3: Wrath of the Desert - Ammon creates up to 3 magic circles and in them he channels the energy of the sun after a 1 second he is able to fire a piercing beam of light, dealing outrageous damage and cleansing darkness in the area. The beam can be fire separately from the 3 circles or can be combined to form a much more greater searing beam of light. If combined the damage of the skill will increase dramatically.

    Artifact: none
    Status: alive
    Current Location:
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    The Rising Serpent,
    The Dragon Sorcerer
    The Sleeping Serpent,



    280 pounds

    15ft- in dragon form
    5'11- in human

    Eye Color:

    Feather/hair Color:

    Lawful Neutral



    What Akachi was in the past no longer held any importance to him. The only thing that mattered to him now was the never ending pursuit of knowledge, and his duty given to him by his Patron. The feather serpent spent many much of his time studying tomes on top of tomes of spells, rituals, and incantations all found in his travels while carrying out Kukulkan's will. When the voice of Kukulkan vanished, the lesser serpent felt lost and ashamed, believing he had failed his patron in someway and was abandoned by the one he had sworn to serve.

    In a moment of depression, he departed from his den. The wyvern hoped to find some comfort in the skies, soaring on the winds. But, even the wind felt unease, calling to him in a way it never did before. The great beast went from shame to confusion as he had no choice but to land near a small village. After taking the form of man and exploring the village for answers, the dragon learned that all the voices vanished. The winds were themselves were calling for the gods, call for anyone who was listening.

    Now Akachi's next mission was clear, restore his patron's voice... And possible the other gods as well. Without the gods, there is a power vacuum left to be filled.

    Human form:

    True form:

    Favors :
    Arts and Crafts,
    Teaching others,

    Hates :
    Destruction of art,
    Destruction of knowledge,,
    Sacrifice of life

    Instinctive when it comes to magical items, scrolls, or spell books (must hoard),
    Territorial when it comes to his hoard,
    Quick witted at times.
    Manipulative when needed to further his own goals.

    Combat Skills:
    Natural resistance to earth/Geo/terra element.

    Winged flight

    Dragon physiology;

    In human form:
    Draconian strength

    In Dragon form:
    Scales strong enough to stop arrows..

    Jaw strength strong enough to crush stone and boulders.

    Second sight- Capable of seeing heat signature in the area around him.

    Second Hearing-
    Sound waves in the air that hit his scales are transfered from the scales through the muscle to his bones. When the sound hits the ear bone underneath the skull, it sends the vibrations to the inner ear, where the brain process the sound.

    Psychological warfare- Akachi is willing to use items and words to invoke a any psychological reaction that he believes will further his own goal. This is usually used as a tool to strengthen "Dragon-Spell."

    Sorcery- Akachi possess a understanding of the arcane arts. Thus he has the ability ability to use magical forces to varying degrees.

    Level 1 Magic:
    Elemental breathe wind-
    The user can unleash powerful blasts of wind and create tempest from their mouth.

    Sonic Roar-
    User can create, shape and manipulatesound, a periodic disturbance of the medium (air, ground, water, etc) that radiates outward in straight lines in the form of a pressure wave.

    In dragon form Akachi can control the intensity, pitch, and tone of the roar's frequency.

    Level 2 Magic:
    Form change-
    The user can change between their human and draconian form. This change does not affect the users mass, which remains constant.

    Level 3 Magic:
    Dragon-spell -
    Weaker-willed beings can be put into a trance or bent to a user's will when the beast speaks. Even those of strong will can be subjected to this ability, especially if they were not prepared. The user can make even greater use of this ability through psychological manipulation, increasing the power of the spell by taunting. The maximum the hypnosis last is five minutes.

    Level 4 Magic :



    Current Location:
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    Name: Qenna
    Nickname: -/-
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21
    Weight: 55kg
    Height: 160cm
    Eye Color: Gold
    Hair Color: Black
    Force: Neutral
    Faction: Wanderer
    Apostle: Serquet

    History: A thief posing and a medicine merchant. She uses her knowledge of poisons and remedies to get entrance into the houses of the Egyptian Nobility; afterwards she marks her target and robs them the night after. She acquired her knowledge of herbalism and poison making from her father who also used her as a guinea pig for his concoctions. This has rendered her body immune to most poisons. She is killed after she attempts to steal an emerald from one of the Pharaoh’s concubine. Her father who was also a priest to Serquet prayed to the goddess to have mercy on his foolish child and grant her another chance.

    Favors : Poisonous animals, Wealth, Money, Gold, Coins … etc
    Hates : Poor people, failing a concoction and wasting expensive hard to find herbs, guards and guard dogs.
    Personality: Greedy, flashy, always has to have the last word, witty, manipulating, enjoys wearing a ridiculous amount of jewellery, seems to only care about wealth but is a surprisingly loyal and caring friend … for the right price. Likes to smoke hookah pipes and makes her own blends which are also her best sellers. Only robs from the rich.

    Combat Skills: Close ranged daggers and needles. Prefers not to fight as the poison used on the weapons costs money. She also carries a basket on her back filled with poisonous snakes and scorpions which she uses for collecting poison for the needles.
    Poison daggers
    Snakes and scorpions

    Level 1 Magic – Stealth – She can go unseen ( not inviable ) if hiding in a shadow. This skill can be easily countered by people who are more Intune with their surrounding but manages to fool the average Joe and more basic beasts.
    Level 2 Magic – Snake teeth- She throws 3 needles with a paralysis poison on them which puts enemies (or guards) to a sleep like paralysis for 5 seconds. Can only hit 1 person at a time.
    Level 3 Magic – Poison Fumes – When used this skill starts draining the poison gathered in her blood and releases it as a gas that looks like mist. This harms friends and foes and is only used if needed. It poisons everyone in sight for a bit of damage but most importantly it slows them a lot. Great for escaping.
    Level 4 Magic – soon ?

    Status: ALIVE
    Current Location: Wandering the desert looking for a town with a pub
    .... dont like being the only woman ...
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    EDIT: I won't participate. I won't be around very much for some time, probably I'll only read what's happening here and in the "Rate the song above you" thread (maybe). Anyone can claim my character if you like and change it as you see fit. If anyone does that I can also PM with what I had in mind for her future and some events.

    Name: Cyleena Windrunner
    Nickname: Cyl
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21
    Weight: 123
    Height: 5’10”
    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair Color: Gold
    Force: Chaotic Neutral
    Faction: Wanderer
    Apostle: Kadru
    Pantheon: Hindu
    History: As a human on Earth, Cyleena always loved exploring. She became an amazon and trained in the spear combat by her amazon sisters. She died in a scouting mission due to betrayal of one of her sisters. In Astra Mar she chooses Kadru as her Goddess and pledged her life to her. One day, injured by some bandits she ran into the forests and found a travelling group of other believers like her. They helped her get rid of them. After, one of them took her into his caring and eventually they bame very close. After the silence of the Gods, Cyleena and her brethren took different paths in search for answers.

    Favors : Snakes, Nature, Wandering, Mystery, Running, Winning, Being in control
    Hates : Being defied, To get commands from someone else, Arrogance, Eagles
    Personality : Cunning, Vengeful, Stubborn, Childish Behaviour, Greedy, Conniving
    Element : Earth
    Combat Skills : Endurance of the Wolf (can run longer), Hunting Skills, Spear Profiency, Decent Archery
    Weapons : Spear, Bow and Arrows, Short Sword
    Magic :
    Poison Weapon - Cyleena imbues her weapon with poison for the next strike/shot.
    Sprint - Cyleena Bursts in speed for a short amount of time.
    Dodge - Cyleena dodges next atack/spell. (slow-average, if it's too fast it hits Cyleena)
    Precise Shot - A powerful and fast long range shot. Can be used with Poison Weapon. (Also can use the Spear for shorter ranger and bigger damage)
    Alacrity - For an average time Cyleena has increased agility. (atack and movement speed)
    Artifact : None
    Status : ALIVE
    Current Location : In some forest (Loading a name...)
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