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Thread: Help! I have a bug/glitch (?) on my daily reward screen

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    Help! I have a bug/glitch (?) on my daily reward screen

    I don't know if I should post this on this section, but I really need help..
    So, yesterday I had my 450 favors but I forgot to take them. Today I had my 15 gems but when I clicked to get them, I got the favors and not the gems.
    The screen is this

    It says "next reward: 35 gems", but how can I take my 15? D:
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    Yes, it seems bugged. I left my rewards unclaimed for the whole full week, thinking that I would receive them all in a single pack, or that, if I claimed them, I would be returned to day one. When, after a week, I claimed my 35 gems, it only gave me the lowest favor prize, then again the next day.
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