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    Quote Originally Posted by VoodooBae View Post
    No, i just learned from this board that trying to belittle people through language differences in the middle of a totally different discussion can be pretty handy in certain conditions and since you are more than willing to call me names and etc since the start, I thought you could use it as well. I am just trying to help.
    So you are trying to belittle me? You do know you can't really belittle people when you are yourself at the bottom of the list in this, right?
    I tried to reason a little. You took it as a big two paragraph insult. Fine. But if in a thread(or whatever) there is absolutely no one which agrees with you or is even close to agreeing with you, then why are you even trying to accomplish here? Making them agree to you? They won't. Every word that you say only gets you deeper so why say it in the first place? Its like you want to be banned.

    I am not going to say anything to you beyond this BTW. It's like trying to argue with a sticky wall and continue this conversation only enlarges the bullshit posts.
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