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    Quote Originally Posted by XXVII View Post
    Have I said something about you, your character or your account? Or that it matters if it was your second post or 5000th? I just stood out of implications AS I WOULD DO regardless of the person. And personally I am aware of what mosnters can such attitude create.
    you said you noticed before my character wasnt approved. you and many noticed the mentioned lore differences i wrote about and DM objected strictly. everybody who reads knows lores change from source to source to great deal. you were ok with it after you created your character and was happily in. what else was needed for you to get involved?

    it matters a lot to a person writing his 2nd post in a group and sadly if not any of you, your DM is very much "aware" of this fact and helps to it greatly.

    what is your purpose in this play. was it to "bring order to the world" as is written somewhere above. do you see any possibllity any of you can role play to this?
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