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Thread: Several Smite Suggestions - Revised Ed.

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    Perfect example. I just logged in. Was in the middle of picks and bans, got DCed. Now i have a deserter buff. One more way to lose players. Punish them for shit that's your fault. Now I have to go play a different game. Maybe I'll just make a new account and stomp the new players out of the game with everyone else today instead. I do want those referral skins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BaconBeats View Post
    I want to be able to play 3v3 Joust, and get points and rewards. I genuinely do not see why that is such a farfetched idea.
    Thanks for your support!
    Quote Originally Posted by Trubblegum View Post
    You might as well make it give you mana for casting, if you do that.
    Regardless of whether your referring to Ah Puch or Cupid, I'm sure the idea behind their design being the way it is, is that it makes players go out of their way to get the refund instead of just gaining them mana per ability.

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    I don't really understand a lot of competitive stuff (I really should learn it) but I like this stuff!
    Hey! I am the pipsloops!

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    Current ideas for gods/skins

    Camazotz, Mayan God of bats: Might make a giant skin + god idea hub at some point.

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