Essentialy does the same thing, mitigate damage, in my opinions we could change this, to:

Passive: (insert a cool name here because i don't know)
Nox has a passive 20 ft aoe (like cabrakan) that blinds any enemy who enters in the aoe, if nox uses an ability she will lit a candle (max 4) that will disperse the darkness canceling this effect, if she is hitted by an oponent ability, one of the candles is unlit, the passive will just have effect if nox doens't have any candle lit, (it's a benefit that comes with a condition of not using abilities, or countering your oponents mages that use lot's of abilities, like hel)

1: (insert cool name here because i don't know)
Nox will mitigate X% of damage for the next 2 seconds, X being the number of candles, each candle corresponds to 25% of mitigation (maxed 4 candles: 100%) when nox uses this ability, she will unlit all candles having the benefit of her passive (good for countering ganks)

What you guys think?