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Thread: Athena Feedback!

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    there's a lot of comments on here so i've only really read the first couple pages or so. i hope i don't just already repeat what has already been said. i'm a level 10 athena and just passed 2k worshipers, so hopefully i can give good insight into why she is the way she is and doesnt need to be changed. i'm sorry, but the only time she becomes very powerful is late game and only if there are no slows or heavy cc, and if you're dumb enough to not get weakening curse, beads, or magi's blessing against her by that time then you should quit smite instead of complaining about her being too powerful.

    if you want to get a quick rundown of what i'm saying, just read this little paragraph, but please feel free to read below for more explanation; her damage only comes through after she is able to build both her 3rd and 2nd abilities; her escape and lane clear is lackluster compared to the other guardians; she has one of the hardest ults to land (not to mention it inflicts no cc); she falls prey to slows and other cc WAY to easily (practically all the viable mages: scylla, poseidon, freya, he bo, ra, all wreck house against athena) so even if you're building damage athena, these other mages are going to give you total hell, and they're played in nearly every match.

    now for the full rundown:

    first off, her passive. let me start by saying that the other guardians have awesome lane clear abilities, and as athena, i've noticed i get out-laned in the early game because of this. if you are at low health, her best lane clear ability (her dash) is almost always out of the question, which leaves you with the only option of using her 3rd ability which still puts you at risk because of how close you must get to the enemies (like a nice apollo strum to the face). while gods like khumba can clear a wave and deal damage to enemy gods with a single ability while remaining super safe. this is why athena has that passive. it deals damage to all enemy minions, helping her compensate in what she lacks compared to other guardians.

    in response to what people have said about her 3/2 combo being too powerful, you cant be more wrong. if an enemy god is just a few feet ahead of you running away, you can't land that initial damage before taunting them into the 2nd pop; and if your taunt is too short then the damage is missed entirely. if you land the first pop while they are running, you will always miss that 2nd pop if you're taunt isnt at least level 4. the only time you can realistically land the 3/2 combo early/mid game is by using your 1 ability as well to get right up to the enemy. this means that you're dropping 3 abilities against 1 god in the early game.

    also, the other guardians have significant ults that inflict massive cc in a wide radius and can be cast instantaneously. athena's ult is one of the hardest to land in game, and often times her ult will do nothing more than break up a potential gank to your mid or solo lane. this is nothing compared to geb, ymir, or ares when they blink into their ults. not to mention athenas ult being radius of 20 while the others are 30 or more. building AP athena, though it works, is far less viable than, say, ymir or bacchus, because her ult is only effective if there is an ally there to fight with you, and again you are tanking damage for 4.2 seconds, which often times might just get you killed, while ymir only has to channel for 3 seconds in comparison and bacchus is immediate casting.

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    what i rly think about athena is that she is not made to tank. she can't protect her mates properly.
    cause her only useful cc is her taunt.

    athena is made to be, a bruiser. for a tank. there is better choices. for a bruiser, she can be much more useful. i would build her like this if i had to play her: ( i don't rly play athena :/ )
    reinforced graves(boots)
    void stone
    hide of the urchin(need to be more tanky before building more damage.maybe :>)
    poly( i think this works well with her passive. this is prob a core item for athena.)
    and one more item for AS. not sure which one, cause all of them are worthy.
    rod of tahuti

    stone of gaia and sovereignty if in need of more tankyness.

    something like this
    if athena is rly in need of a buff. the best idea i can think of is an AS debuff.
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    how to win games:
    1. understand the meta.
    2. pick an op god.
    3. master him.
    4. spam VEL.
    the game will never be balanced.
    u got an awesome balance team there hi-rez

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