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Thread: Feedback of in-game issues and a suggestion.

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    Feedback of in-game issues and a suggestion.

    Conquest Co-op:
    - AI stand idling around sometimes for long periods of time.
    - Walk up to towers, enemy, and just stare at it.
    - Walk into a firefight and then just seem to forget what they are doing, again idling.

    Ability animations don't always work. The main I found was Sylvanus, His Wisp ability doesn't do the animation properly, the friendly wisps only appear and even that isn't always. The other gods have some issues too.


    A playlist that forces players to use in-game chat. So often have I played Conquest/Arena/Joust where the team doesn't communicate and you can tell they are in a party. Just would help those who want to play with randoms and still get a strategy going. or have pre-made lobbies like on PC, at least that way it is known that the team you are facing is ready.

    Keep up the great work guys!

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    You do know this is Xbox area and everyone gets a mic w/ console people just act like they are allergic to speaking. That or as OP stated they are in private voice parties.

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