Hello, my suggestion is to allow for more than one custom build per god.

My reasoning is this:
I play a lot of game modes, the situation is different for all the game modes and match ups with the enemy team. I constantly find myself thinking for my main gods that having another couple / unlimited tabs for custom builds would be extremely beneficial.
For example: I played a League: Joust game against a Thor recently. He went with a near typical build, slightly tanky but plenty of damage and a bit of CDR from Jotunn's. I was Cupid and was trying to come up with a good counter build on the spot. I built a Breastplate of Valor after Dev Gloves to help mitigate some of his damage and give myself more mana to sustain longer. But after that it was difficult to decide what to go with.

After the match I thought about what build would work against a tanky damage character that isn't a warrior class. I had a couple ideas, but trying to remember these and more for other cases would be too many. And all of these only apply to one god.
Trying to remember something like 5 - 8 (these numbers are assuming 1 - 2 builds per class type) builds per god for the most general situations isn't very easy.

If there were a couple more or unlimited tabs for custom builds then I think the game would be a little more friendly for the transition from casual to competitive.

PS: If implemented, possibly make the custom tabs able to be renamed. Custom 1, Custom 2, Custom 3 isn't very descriptive.