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Thread: Statement about Intel Extreme Master Katowice 2015 (from Polish Community)

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    Post Statement about Intel Extreme Master Katowice 2015 (from Polish Community)

    Hello All,

    First i wanna say, i wrote statement in Polish on fanpage and now i send u english version about IEM (Katowice).

    Polish Version -

    As I wrote earlier, Smite: Polish NOT stand Smite was an organizer for the Intel Extreme Masters. It was organized by the Electronic Sports League Poland commissioned by Hi-Rez Studios. Any errors, negligence and incompetence in the conduct of an ordinary stand lie on the ESL. I arrived at the IEM as an ordinary person, the ticket I got from my friends - not from ESL, or Hi-Rez, nor from anyone associated with them. Rumors about my alleged guilt in the distributing too much gems, indeed chaotic distribution of codes on the skins for Tyra is slander, which is the source of ESL - unable to bear the consequences of their hasty decision. Not a single code to Tyra has been stolen by anyone - to blame for the block again be held ESL - it happened due to a total lack of organization of the manner of their distribution - random person they received 10-20 pieces, and even the whole package (over 100 units). With the card, on which was printed the persons responsible for the code did a stand cottages - laughter in the hall. One could get the impression that the stand is not guarded by anyone, and there is a total freewill there. In addition, I was able to, along with a few people, to win the tournament 5v5 Conquest at IEM, for which I get gems. I do not (as some of you), and the question of their delivery was disposed of profanity. Finally, after many conversations and pressures, ESL (Stachu) "graciously" gave me the gems that I belonged. The person responsible for the stand SMIT, or Damian "Stachu" Staszewski, trying to save his own skin shedding responsibility for me, indeed to the people below him placed in ESL. What's more - I gave them (ESL IEM) to the hand icon Smite community, which were my property. Another issue - prizes from MSI. I relieved them himself to the needs of the community. How long can you just give out the codes for the skin? ESL or Hi-Rez also did not have anything to do with it - do not put their hand to. To sum up - ESL is looking for a scapegoat - and invented myself that this goat would be me and the whole community Smite: Poland. After that, as they failed, they wanted to dump all the blame on the other person connected with our community - this refers to Centka. Through these situations suffer Polish community, which has created a bad image for the behavior of ESL, and our efforts have been more than semi-crossed by a few bad decisions ESL.

    Thanks, //seeeetttt
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