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Thread: IndiaWale Recruiting Indian Players for fun gaming others can also apply

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    IndiaWale Recruiting Indian Players for fun gaming others can also apply

    Welcome to IndiaWale.[JaiHo]
    We're a new clan, hoping to become a big family and serve as a hub for players who are looking for regular friends to group up with and play Smite. We're striving to become a place where you can hang, talk to friends on a daily basis and always rely on us to give you the finest players to partner with in your Smite adventures.

    Why us?
    Unlike many other clans, we're going to focus on getting the social experience of all of our members to the maximum. Competitive gaming aside, the number one purpose of games is having fun and what's a better way of doing it than with friends. Joining us will probably not be a stepping stone towards the Smite World Championships, however we assure you you'll meet many new friends and enhance your Smite experience by a few levels.

    How to join
    Simply add any of us or Search IndiaWale



    in-game, and ask me for an invite! Slowly and surely we'll build an awesome community, help us get started!
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