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Thread: SMITE Game State Feedback

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    SMITE Game State Feedback

    Hello again!

    With the launch of the Medusa patch, we'd like to get more feedback on the current game state so let us know your thoughts by filling out this form . Thanks to everyone who contributes to these feedback forms, it makes a big difference!

    We also may or may not be making a bunch more quality of life updates, similar to the Thor ultimate timer. Because if we didn't, you'd probably think that I'm a monster.

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    Shouldn't this be stickied?
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    Normally I like to give bits and pieces on everything that gets changed but this time I am only going to focus on one thing. I don't care about Medusa or whats shit or overpowered right now, I care about my likeness for the game. The thing I want to give feedback on is the UI changes.

    Now I am not fully against a new UI, but it is quickly becoming less and less enjoyable. The old UI while it did have many different buttons and other things that were a bit unneeded had the flowing Smite style and look that people loved. Now that has been swapped out with this incomplete sci-fi looking UI that is getting less enjoyable and easy to look at with every change that happens. For starters, the chat box. There was no problem with the way it was before, it was in the center of the screen, it was easy to navigate, and it wasn't buggy. So what happens? It gets replaced with this horrible box in the corner that is of bad design and annoying to navigate. Not only that but it also takes the blue coloring that this UI uses currently. Next up we have the God's screen. Now the design of it is not bad, but the execution is not good. part of the screen is always blocked because of pop-ups and you cant scroll with it if the mouse is outside of the box. It is very annoying and frustrating for me to handle. My eyes are very sensitive to flashes (in the case the flickering that happens from scrolling on the screen) and I always have to adjust my sight of the screen because it is painful to look at. Finally is the new god selection for match lobbies. This just looks bad. Everything is dark, the boxes are too big, there is way to much on the screen at one time to even see things. Nothing on this screen was an improvement from the previous.

    While the UI is only looked at momentarily, these are not welcoming changes. Before I knew what I was looking for, or what I was doing because everything worked, now everything is buggy and half the time refuses to work or even assist what I am trying to do. This is Smite: Battleground of the Gods. But with every new UI change, this is looking less and less like the game I fell in love with when I started playing. The UI to me doesn't look like Smite anymore; it looks like some cheap Starcraft of Mass Effect copy. Please consider taking community opinion with the UI. With every new change of the UI ruining something that I liked or used I am beginning to hate trying to use it.

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    I still totally can't come to the fact that SMITE has lost its unique myth-specific theme and that it now does look like Starcraft, but what you did there with the GOD UI CHART, hirez?
    I can't find anything there!
    - the pictures are so big, that every overview is lost
    - even scrolling does switch the whole chart and not one line. - would be too intuitive i think

    Worshippers chart got worse too. Can't click through friendlist there... only with the circumstantial way through the friendlist.

    And even STATS doesn't show the Win Ratio even more...

    Why downgrading the UI that much, and consistently?

    Please add following Options:
    - changing how many gods are shown
    - worshippers of friends (add again)
    - stats winratio (add again)
    - show a number on the friendlist icon how many friends are online


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    wow, 3 comments, wow.

    I see nothing wrong with the medusa patch, but every thing wrong with that beginning of the year patch, the one that changed the ui. YOU guys got rid of a lot of unique items in the game, they all need to be put back in. the ui needs to be changed back, and the god kits YOU have thrown away need to be put back in. Don't throw away the items and kits, you have come up with just keep them and then add every thing else back in.
    I have wasted a lot of time in this forum. and 40 dollars on this game, just to see it slowly change into a less entertaining game i don't want to play.

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    Anyone want to say anything how Hi-rez's servers go to absolute shit after EVERY patch. I'm pretty fucking sure your company has made more then enough money that you can update your fucking potato servers so people stop getting D/c'd in the middle of matches and their team gets fucked over because you servers and maintenace team suck worse then a $2 dollar street worker.

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    i prefer if they focus a lot more on balance, u don't how i was angry when they destroyed everything i was building since beta.
    as a result, they changed many gods kits. was a waste of time and skins.
    i Must, say it again, their balance team is awful.
    how to win games:
    1. understand the meta.
    2. pick an op god.
    3. master him.
    4. spam VEL.
    the game will never be balanced.
    u got an awesome balance team there hi-rez

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    Why the hell is Bastet so op now in 1v1?
    Uncounterable now 'cause i am not buying that new hog cause that is just terrible.
    1v1 needs some balancing too.
    Best person ever is HirezLuongo

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