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Thread: Unrestricted Voice Packs

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    Lightbulb Unrestricted Voice Packs

    Hey, I've been playing Smite for maybe a month or two, and decided to buy a voice pack. For some reason, I automatically assumed it would go into the "announcer" section of the loadout menu, but sadly found out that it was restricted to the God/dess and skin it was purchased for. (my error, I know)

    The goddess I bought it for, Nemesis, is one I don't play often, but I loved the sound of her Blind Vengeance voice. I'm sick of the default announcer, and I was wondering if unrestricted voice packs would be considered as an option. It could go in the loadout menu.

    For example, I could load up the Blind Vengeance pack, and still use it while playing Chang'e. You could make the specific skin voices cost more, I suppose.

    Just a friendly suggestion, although I don't have high hopes of it coming to pass.
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    I would use Bacchus's voice for every god and spam "Out of Mana" constantly. I support this pipe dream.

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