Hello community and friends

I am having trouble adapting to the conquest game mode. I frequent 1v1 League Jousts as well as Arena and excel in close quarter combat.

My frequented gods.

Loki - Diamond - (Don't like playing objectives with this god)

Kumbhakarna - Level 9 - I love tanking with control.

AMC - level 7 - I just started playing ADC and am having trouble securing kills and making the right moves.

( I love working with new gods and have lots of experience playing different roles as well )

I have played 1 league match in conquest as "support" and we got the W but i was clueless on how to initiate team fights and follow movements of my team.

Any tips and explanation on roles played within conquest mode would help me greatly, such as what positioning I should be in at certain times or what camps to maintain and also how to achieve a constant flow of XP so I don't fall behind in the level race.

Any help from here on out will be greatly appreciated and I'm always looking for friends to play with!

- ODA -