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Thread: Maybe the ability to surrender is too readily avaibale...

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    People keep bringing up the 10 minute cap as though that's a lot. At least every other match at the 10 minute mark someone tries to surrender, most of the time it's "I'm not doing as well as I'd like, therefore we should surrender". While it does need to be an overwhelming majority you have to consider that a lot of people are willing to be swayed by other people wanting to surrender. It isn't that each person who votes yes desperately wants a surrender.

    I played a match earlier where someone genuinely gave the reason "I'm bored" as why they were attempting to surrender - despite the fact that we, at that time, had a lead. And even though when asked my teammates said they thought we still had a shot 3/5 voted yes. I think it's in large part due to the common occurrence of leavers and feeders, people would rather vote yes to a surrender that's unnecessary rather than face people doing one of the two.

    I find it frustrating beyond reason that 1/2 of the matches I play end up with multiple surrender attempts, and very frequently unjustified ones. At the end of the day one of the earlier posters is right: if 4/5 people surrender it's more than justified as 4/5 have made it clear that they aren't having fun. However, it happens WAY too often in Smite. Maybe it's the fast pace of matches, making people more inclined to leave those they find slightly less enjoyable, maybe it's an anomaly of the population, I don't know. All I do know is that I do definitely find it frustrating.

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    all i have to say is that the surrender should be added more minutes, cuz in 10 minutes(at least in conquest) the match can be a flip of coin, and people stil surrender without giving it more time to see if you can make a push. of course there are moments when your team is getting wrecked and there i understand the surrender, but when the marker hits 10 and the mid died once and he puts a surrender vote then another dies (something that will always happen mind you, at some point you will die) then they vote and so on, thats when im like, seriously, games barely started and you are already giving up.

    Im not one of those "NEVER SURRENDER" types, but i do believe in letting the game go a little further to see if we can make a comeback, if its futile, ill agree to a surrender, but not because i got killed for the first time in the game.

    lastly, a feeder is someone who intentionally gets killed by the enemy, there are people like that, but truth is, sometimes you cant really tell if its a feeder, or a new player, or a vet with a new god that he has never played before. sometimes its obvious, sometimes its vague. but yeah thats a feeder, a constant dying machine giving free farm to the enemy

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