Been waiting for this MOTD for some time and it finally here! So now tell me, who is your favorite God to play here and why?
Special mention to some God (some are my fav :D ):

  • Hercules: Ayy lmao just spam your heal and dash. Then proceed to rek everything in sight. Really, He's just so OP in this mode!
  • Ra: 2s nuke, and 10s ulti. Need to say more? ~3s heal. Your 1 will hit ~300 and ult ~700+. Just aim it right :p
  • Hel + Aphro + Guan: Too much heal with these 3 gods. Guan Yu's heal have no cooldown as long you keep healing your teammates. Aphrodite and Hel got ridiculous heal too. Just don't get cursed (or just cleanse it with Hel's 2)
  • The hunter, Hou Yi and Cupid: 2s heartbomb and pretty much every Hou Yi skill hurts. And it stuns too!
  • The assasin, Thor and Thana: These 2 have high burst with medium range and semi-global ult.
  • The mages, pretty much everyone, especially Kukulkan, Poseidon, and other mentioned above
  • The guardians? I haven't played it yet :p
  • The warrior, Bologna! she's op, I know, but Herc is more annoying in this mode. Also Odin with his ult to counter dem heals (free curse!). His birdbomb deal decent damage too. And last but not least, Chaac. 3s silence will hurt everyone. His 1 cd only 2s, and heal cd only 3s.

Share me your experience with your game here :) Also, tell us what gods did you played most!

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