After playing Bellona for sometime now, I love the sound of the hammer and the scourge. The former really gives the impression of being heavy and solid, able to hit someone really hard. The latter has this subtle ringing sound that gives the image of these sharp knives on the whip moving and touching eachother, giving this an ominous deadly sound to it.
The sword however, doesn't sound like what I'd expect of a sword, it just doesn't sound solid nor sharp. Whenever Bellona hit someone with it, to me, it sounds like it's hollow and the blade made out thin metals that's not sharp at the edges. It doesn't feel like she's cutting flesh or cutting anything, it feels more like she's just bashing people with it.
This gives the impression to me that whenever she has her sword out, she does less damage than the other two weapons due to the weak sound effect, I know that ain't true. I love how the sword looks, but the sound effect breaks the immersion of it being anywhere near deadly.
Is there anyone else that agrees with me or is it just me who expected something that sounded more like Guan Yu's guan dao, Odin's Gungir, Ares' sword, Freya's sword or to name any of the Gods with a sharp bladed weapon?
Edit: Yes, I do hope they change it. Bellona deserves a more deadly sound to her sword, being a Goddess of War using deadly weapons.

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