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I've had this happen to me about 8 times today.

login, close the pop-up windows, wait for a few minutes, get kicked to the login screen. repeat 4<x<6 times, then manage to join a qeue, can't click accept, kicked to the login menu, restart smite, login, kicked to the login screen after a few minutes. restart smite. login, join arena queue, choose god, game starts. 6 minutes in it says i left the game, exit & restart smite, login, map loading screen....

edit. The loading screen doesn't go away... restarted smite, no luck. restarted smite again and the was over. :-( i don't really care about the goodwill, i just want to play a proper game without anyone disconnected for no reason. And i get kicked back to the login screen after about a minute. :-|

Hi-rez, please, just... please. Less tournaments, more servers, more server staff, more technical peopl, etc. If the massive bulk of your users are being affected by server issues you as a company and your game will only gain (more) bad reputation. High-profile tournaments will not counter a bad infrastructure system, it will only inspire a feeling of being ripped-off and resentment.
Nobody will ever read this.